5 effective marketing tips to increase sales and profit in any business venture.


Selling effectively is a special skill that needs to be practiced well. You would wonder why nobody is interested in what you are offering or why you don’t get a lot of people patronizing your business.

In this article we share six effective marketing tips and ideas to increase sales and profit in any business venture.


Know your customers

i always refer to customers as the most valuable asset of any business. They are the pillars on which your business stands. They can make and unmake your business. Your customers are your company’s target market and understanding their characters helps you to better position your good and services to suite their needs.

Knowing your customers simply has to do with understanding their demographics, user status, their purchasing behaviors, their problems and opinions through interactions, survey or other means to better understand and know who you are dealing with.

Interact often with your customers

Interacting with your customers can be online or offline via social media, your website, through surveys, telephone etc. Most customers are curious and would want to be really sure of what they want before patronizing. This strategy can help answer questions or clarify thoughts they have about certain products or services.

Interacting with them also gives them a feel of belonging knowing that you got their back or appreciate them. Through this you will be able to convince them clearly why they need to eventually choose your products or services over and over again

Get your business listed on Google my business

Google my business is a free local SEO service provided by google to help customers easily find relevant products and services near them. Google my business gets your business on the map with rich snippets that potential customers will find useful to engage with you.

About 80% check reviews and information about brands before they consider patronizing them.

To sign up for Google my business, visit here

Create a referral program

Referral programs are simply strategies you undertake to encourage your customers to sell your brand or business to others in exchange for an offer or offers. Giving Mark 10% discount on his next purchase if he is able to bring his friend is a great offer he cant reject.

You can also encourage them to leave positive reviews and also share your services via social media or your website as this will also leave a positive mark on your business and will help others consider your brand

Offer discount programs

There are several ways to offer discount programs to your customers. You can take advantage of festive seasons, black Fridays promos etc. Everybody loves discount. No matter how little, its appreciable.

Know your competitors

The key to success is to understand your competitors and their business practices. To get ahead of your competitors, know what they are doing better than you are currently doing. Know what is making them sell better or rank better online.

Make sure that you do your best to out-smart them. For example, what extra services or products are they offering that is useful to their customers? how are they providing those services to them? How is their pricing? How is their branding so special from yours?  Be more professional and concerned about your customers as this is the most important rule in getting your business on top.


Increasing business sales and profits is a gradual process and must be done strategically. Remember you are in charge and you are solely responsible for getting your business on top. i strongly believe that if you apply these marketing tips you will be able to increase sales and profits as you will naturally win the hearts of your customers. We at Lemon Premium appreciate reading our article, visit us more often for more marketing and business tips


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