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5 things to know about having a side hustle — Naa Ashorkor Opines

Renowned Ghanaian Female Radio & TV Personality Naa Ashorkor Mensah-Doku has issued advice to your guys who has a side job. 

She posted the on her facebook page

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Last wednesday , I had an exciting conversation with a medical doctor and a telecom agent both of whom have side gigs in event planning and ushering. Here are 5 lessons I learned . You might find this useful if you have a side hustle or are thinking of starting one.

1. Your boss doesn’t have to know! Your colleagues don’t need to know! Keep your side hustle matters where they belong; on the side ! If you post about your side hustle on your status, BLOCK YOUR BOSS!!!!. They might be a cool boss and all but one day , you’d get in trouble if they know too much.

2. How to start a business is to start a business. There is no formula . W,hat works for Korkor might not work for Tsotsoo. Don’t try to model your side gig after someone else’s . What you see on social media is never a full representation of the facts . Take advice, yes but don’t copy .

3. If your friends and family don’t support you , don’t worry, strangers on the internet will support you . Oftentimes we long for the support of the people in our lives, of course, they know us best and should know what’s best for us – this is not always true when it comes to starting a business. The idea is yours. Do it . People will support you, after all what’s the worst that can happen?

4. Don’t cheat your employer. Using your employer’s resources to further the course of your side gig is ‘a totally cheat’! Don’t sit at work and answer calls about your side gig, run social media and most importantly don’t take time off working hours to go run side gig errands . One day one day , your employees will do it to you! What goes around comes around – it’s a simple fact of life.

5. Find at least one person you can trust to run things for you while you’re at work. Yes its a small business and you can’t afford to hire people but honey, you can’t do it all by yourself. Hire one person.

Shouts to Liana & Dr Henewaa

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Sources: Naa Ashorkor Mensah-Doku

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