I have sighted a letter purporting to be from the office of the first lady angrily claiming it is going to refund all allowances paid the first lady since 2017 because Ghanaians are talking too much about the recent recommendations by the Prof.Yaa Ntiamoah Baidoo Committee to pay first/second ladies the same salaries as cabinet Ministers.
First of all, apart from the tone of the letter being unnecessarily arrogant, this smacks a huge sense of INGRATITUDE from the first lady.
This letter goes a long to show how unaccomodating the first lady is to Public criticisms.
To be fair, Ghanaians have not in any way complained about the allowances the first/second ladies have received since 2017…No!!
The huge public outburst has always been about the upgrade of the allowances to a salary status and same as a cabinet Ministers at a time when the President have told Ghanaians to fasten their belt,admonished public sector workers NOT to ask for pay increment because things are hard as a result of the Pandemic.
It is this smack of hypocrisy and insensitivity towards the plight of Public sector workers that fuelled the huge outburst that met the Prof.Yaa Ntiamoah Committee’s recommendations.
For the first lady to get up and say because of those outbursts she is angrily refunding all allowances paid her out of the *State’s benevolence* since 2017 is a great INSULT to Ghanaians and the tax payer.
You cannot earn tax payers money and expect not be criticized.
In any case the tax payer that now Antie claims cannot criticize her have paid for her living expenses since 2017, the car drives, the house she lives in, the food she eats, medical expenses, fuel cost, etc.
So now that she is in mood of refund, she shouldn’t forget to refund all those expenditures and leave the Flagstaff house as well because it all paid for by the tax payer.
We need that money to buy food to feed the free SHS students, the headmasters have started complaining that there is no food and money to feed the children when school resumes…
Oya refund everything and from now on, don’t use anything that belongs to the tax payer if you cannot contain the taxpayers outbursts.
But once we continue to finance your living from head to toe, Antie Becky we will talk papa, Hw3!!!
Tax tua y3 ya papa.
By the way, how is the first lady able to raise a lump sum of GHC899,000 at such a short time?
is it that she wasn’t spending the salary at all, if yes doesn’t that confirm why we say first/second ladies dont need the salaries we want to pay them because everything of them is catered for by the State?
If No, then how is she going to come by such a lump sum of money in a such a short while?
Shouldn’t we be interested in how that money is raised?
Isn’t it even time to include the first/second ladies in the list of Public Officers required to declare their assets because of their proximity to power?
Think about it….
Mensah Thompson
Executive Director,ASEPA

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