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Renounced Sound Engineer, Fred Kyei Mensah has taken to social media to voice out his displeasure over Prophet Kofi Oduro’s comment on instrumentalists impregnating some of his church members.

This video raised a lots on concern from all angles with some blaming church elders and to the extent of pastors doing same with will be covered due to his position in the church

From the post chanced upon by wadupgh.com, Mr Mensah condemned his communication during such issues and questioned, Who made him the lord over others?

Read the post ???


Take your time and read.

Emotional intelligence, is required of any rational being when you begin to speak to correct deviants in the society. I respect protocol and regard “men of God” so sometimes, it becomes difficult for me to speak when they assume supremacy! My pastor, has his faults as well.

I have chanced upon a short video on the social media space of “Prophet” Kofi Oduro, heavily chastising, vilify and accusing church ⛪️ instrumentalists of impregnation of some church members. What about your circles Pastor?

The acidic verbose of this Pastor of late, is getting murky and explosive. His communication in condemnation such assumed behaviors of others, are full of insults. Who made him the lord over others?

He who calls for equity, must come with clean hands. Musicians generally in Ghana ??, have been abused by many as riff raffs, a profession for failures in the society, drug abusers, womanizer, social deviants and many unprintable adjectives. Why? The church generally, do not respect musicians.

The kind of abuse, disrespect, innuendos and aspersions that are cast by this Pastor while in his pompous elements when standing on his pulpit preaching the “word of God” to his congregation is sometimes, nauseating!

In the said short video, the venom and the anger with which “Prophet” Kofi Oduro spoke and his description of instrumentalists with “locked hairs” referred to as “Rasta” having sex and impregnation of congregants without any proof, is repugnant and smacks of pure hatred.

To be able to play an instrument, is not a joke and some churches think that, instrumentalists, must sacrifice their talent on the altar of the church and later say to them, “God bless you” whiles they live like Arabian Kings. The reason, some of us have not been directly and actively involved with church activities since 1995.

In the video, he admonishes the holy attitude and attributes of his church instrumentalists as being sacrosanct. Mind games. These tricks, will never work on me. Yate abr3! Instrumentalists, are not saints, however the disrespect of some Pastors on some of them is apologetic!

God bless all Pastors who consider church instrumentalists as part of the church growth and respects them even in their “sins”. Pastor Eastwood Anaba, stands tall ? in this regard.

Pastor Kofi Oduro, susu kasa tantan fa nkrofuor ho na, wo ny3 correct biara saa. Hardly chastise people for you are as guilty as those you are condemning.

My dear church instrumentalists, continue to support Pastors that put premium on your craft even at your lowest ebb. I am an instrumentalist and must definitely have a say.

Good beads don’t rattle

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