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Beautiful girl disqualified because she can’t speak her beautiful indigenous African language

Ghana most beautiful

Beautiful girl disqualified because she can’t speak her beautiful indigenous African language:

In a Ghanaian beauty pageantry competition titled, Ghana’s Most Beautiful, a competitor is asked by the judge:

Tell us three things about the culture of your home region, the Upper East Region (the region she represents) IN YOUR LANGUAGE.

The girl begins rattling in English…

The judge insists: IN YOUR LANGUAGE.

The previously confident girl is completely disoriented, hesitation and stage-fright are visible…

She begins in Buli, her beautiful African language, with something like:….”te teng ka…te teng ka…to wit: in our region, in our region…..and that was all her Buli. Finito, Zilch…absolute disaster and embarrassment. She is rightly disqualified:

1. No amount of English and other colonial, non-African languages you speak will bring you authenticity! Adams Bodomo says: learn your indigenous Ghanaian/African language before learning any other language. She and her parents didn’t listen to Adams Bodomo.

2. A lot of Ghanaians disapproved of this and condemned the competitor and her parents in no uncertain terms. That is fine. But my question is: how many of these Ghanaians insulting the girl and her parents can READ and WRITE their indigenous Ghanaian/African language?

You see, it is NOT enough to only speak your language! You need to be able to READ and WRITE your language. You need to be literate in your language. It is a shame to write in English and colonial European languages and not be able to write in your language. That’s foolishness!

Dambolyɛlɛ la a lɛ!

You have no right to insult the girl and her parents unless you can SPEAK, READ, and WRITE your/an indigenous African language!

I am giving all Ghanaian girls who want to participate in next year’s competition six months to learn how to read and write in their indigenous Ghanaian language. Why? Because I am going to write to the organizers of the beauty pageanty to include a five-page essay writing competition in Ghanaian languages at the preliminary rounds of the competition!

Copied: Prof Adams Bodomo

Watch video from link below


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