Being a University lecturer doesn’t qualify Dr. Eric Nkansah as GES Director General – GNAT President


Rev. Isaac Owusu, the National President for the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) has refuted the suggestion that Dr. Eric Nkansah being a lecturer qualifies to be the Director General of the Ghana Education Service (GES).

Speaking on the Atlantic Wave show hosted by Onesiphorus Obuobi on UCC-based ATL FM, the GNAT President said people need to understand that tertiary level education is not the same as pre-tertiary level education.

He remarked “In our collective agreement the scheme of service we negotiated for starts from the beginner teacher which is superintendent II to the apex which is the Director General of our scheme of service.

“So if you become a professional teacher today and if you are holding a degree your rank is a principal superintendent so whilst you are in the service until you go on retirement your aim and vision is to reach the apex which is the Director General position,” he added.

“So tertiary level education is not the same as pretertiary level education and that’s what we need to understand because even at the pretertiary we don’t consider a pupil teacher as a professional teacher,” he said sighted by’s Amansan Krakye.

Even though you are teaching but the law states that a pupil teacher cannot become a headteacher so you are a temporary teacher that’s what is spelt out in the scheme of service of our ranks,” he concluded.



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