BongoIdeas cautions George Addo Jnr on his move to BBC


Albert Nat Hyde popularly known as BongoIdeas has caution Sports Journalist, George Addo Jnr on his move to BBC.

According to him, he should have considered what happened to his Ghanaian colleague Komla Dumor before making the move.

Read his post below:

George Addo should’ve considered Komla Dumor’s experience before deciding to join the BBC.

It’s a tough terrain that’s highly regulated, with shitloads of work & little flexibility.

At a point, Komla Dumor worked 18 hours a day (24 hours) and managed only 3 hours of sleep. The pressure is tough, neck-breaking, and energy-sapping, bruh.

Unless, of course, he’s going to be a miscellaneous addition, because this won’t be an easy road.

Wrong move! ‘won’t recommend for a young GH journalist, ESPN & TalkSports are better choices.


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