BREAKING NEWS: Over 16 dead, dozens injured in accident on Accra-Cape Coast highway

A tragic accident occurred at Gomoa Akyereko on the Accra-Cape Coast highway, leaving approximately 16 individuals feared dead.

The incident occurred in the early hours of Tuesday morning, involving a head-on collision between a petrol tanker and a bus. The bus, en route from Abidjan to Buduburam, collided with the petrol-filled tanker traveling from Accra towards Takoradi.

According to an eyewitness account provided to the Ghana National Fire Service, the driver of the Yutong bus had repeatedly veered off his lane during the journey.

Consequently, the tanker driver inadvertently entered the Yutong’s lane, resulting in a catastrophic impact. The Fire Service Commander, DO II Kwesi Hughes of Winneba, stated that the passenger sides of both vehicles bore the brunt of the collision, leaving the tanker driver severely injured.

Tragically, the impact was so severe that “the tanker driver mashed” and passengers on the Yutong’s passenger side were dismembered, with their bodies horrifically cut into pieces.

Immediate response efforts focused on rescuing survivors, prioritizing those who could be saved.

Rescued individuals were swiftly transported to the trauma and specialist hospital, while the remaining injured victims were taken to a nearby municipal hospital for urgent medical attention.

In light of the accident, the affected section of the highway has been closed to traffic. Security agencies are working tirelessly to restore normalcy and have already relocated the Yutong bus to a safe area.

The recovery process includes retrieving the lifeless body of the driver’s mate and subsequently moving the tanker to a secure location. These measures aim to facilitate the reopening of the traffic flow on the highway.

Over the years, this particular stretch of road has gained notoriety as a hotspot for road accidents.

The recent incident serves as a tragic reminder of the ongoing safety concerns associated with this area.

Efforts to improve road safety and prevent future accidents remain a pressing priority for relevant authorities and stakeholders involved in transportation and infrastructure management.

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