Canadian SCHOLARSHIPS 2024-2025 Without IELTS and Without Application Fee Requirement

Canadian SCHOLARSHIPS 2024-2025 Without IELTS and Without Application Fee Requirement: If you’ve always wanted to study at a Canadian university for free, I’ve got you covered with this post, which will tell you about all the scholarships in Canada that are now open to international students and don’t need you to take the IELTS or pay an application fee.

You must be shocked to learn that public sector Canadian universities award more than $30 million in fully funded Canadian scholarships with study visas to international students each year. For this reason, I strongly advise you to take advantage of this chance and apply online for admission as soon as possible (

International students can now pursue their higher education in Canada thanks to fully funded scholarships from Canadian universities. These scholarships cover all of the costs associated with the program, including tuition, living expenses, health insurance, and travel. In addition, international students receive a monthly stipend.

If you’re wondering if these Canadian universities will accept an IELTS certificate or not for admission, rest assured that none of the universities on this list have made it mandatory for international students to take the IELTS exam because they also accept IELTS alternative tests. The only catch is that you’ll need to retake the PTE or IELTS in order to apply for a study visa to Canada.

Although all scholarship applicants are not required to have any additional degrees or certificates, such as the IELTS, they must have an English proficiency certificate, such as the DET, PTE, TOFEL, or CAEL, in order to be admitted to Canada. If you do not have any of these English language certificates, you may be required to complete an English language preparatory course before being admitted to a Canadian university and receive a minimum of 32 points.

Top 3 Canadian Scholarships Without Application Fees & IELTS 2024
Thus, allow me to walk you through the key information about the top 3 Canadian scholarships, which are now accepting applications for the upcoming class (2024–2025) from both domestic and foreign applicants.

1. Brock University Scholarships 2024
The majority of the courses and degree offerings at Brock University in Canada are offered in English, thus international applicants from non-native English-speaking nations must submit documentation of their English language competency. Brock University offers admissions to undergraduate, graduate, and certification programs. Brock University accepts the IELTS exam, but it also takes the CAEL, TOEFL, PTE, Duolingo, IELP 5, CPE, CAE, and IB.

Brock University offer scholarships such as Brock scholars Awards, Emerging market entrance awards, international curriculum awards, Caribbean International Scholarship, International bridging scholar award, international education fund, and International curriculum awards scholarships.

2. CARLETON Scholarships 2024
I will now talk about these Canadian scholarships, which are extremely competitive because they are offered at Carleton University in Canada. Each year, thirteen students are chosen to receive these fully funded scholarships, which are provided to international students at no cost.

You might wonder which scholarshps are most in demand at Carleton then let me tell you that International Award of Excellence and the International Award of Merit both scholarships are very popular at Carleton which are offered to deserving students and after you complete your secondary school education then you may get eligible to apply for these scholarship.

3. Winnipeg University Scholarships 2024
According to the institution of Winnipeg’s admissions records from the previous year, which I double checked with the admissions department, more than a thousand foreign students from 75 different countries are anticipated to enroll at the institution in Canada in 2024–2025 on scholarships.

In order to be eligible for this scholarship, you must provide your grade point average on your result card, which must be at least 80 percent. You may also be asked to attach a research proposal, a motivation letter, recommendation letters, and a resume to your admission application. Consequently, in order to be admitted to Winnipeg University, you must demonstrate that you meet all of the requirements for admission and scholarships as outlined by the admission department. IELTS or any other additional English language proficiency certificate are not required.

As a reward for continuing your studies as an international student at University of winnigpeg you will get between three thousand and six thousand dollars worth of scholarship so for that i suggest you to apply for President’s Scholarship for World Leaders | Awards | The University of Winnipeg.

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