Central region is filled with talented musicians but less investors – Edward Fynn


Mr. Edward Fynn, a businessman and the road manager at checkzone family has voiced out calling on investors to help our regional artistes to penetrate the system if we wish them to go global.

According to him the region is flooded with great and talented musicians but less investors and this is really affecting our artistes from getting to the international scene.

Read his post below.

A region flooded with talented musicians but less investors thus finding it difficult to penetrate into the national/international scene and with a little to boast of aside a slogan “THE YOUNG INDUSTRY SHALL GROW” of which we comfort and tickle ourselves with.
But I believe growth comes when an individual or group of people go beyond their usual abilities and with new desire and euphoria become accustomed and discipline to change for a good course.
Money does play a key role in industry growth and sustainability but desire, commitment, passion, focus and interpersonal connectivity plays a role as equally as what money does therefore my believe is that if all industry players will come together with the attributes aforementioned and with one accord, activate and maintain all the plugs we have in and beyond the region, recommending and introducing our creative to the pioneers in the industry we’ll experience a growth as our slogan says “THE YOUNG INDUSTRY SHALL GROW”
We ought to understand and accept that the artistes are the main products of the music business and until they flourish all the other department in the ecosystem experience less growth and attention.
Let’s imagine the thought of having 5-10 artistes in the region rubbing shoulders with the three S and the other big acts. Many are doing their best for the industry but it can only be effective when it’s collective.
With all this been said the artistes need to do more with their brand improvement, attitude towards work, discipline level, ethics to work, interpersonal relation, lyrics indepth, music execution, strategics release, on air communication, self realization and work hard to attract the support of the industry players.
Therefore, I will urge everyone of us to come together to work this out for the beginning will be hard but the future looks bright.

Source: Edward Dunn’s facebook account


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