Central Region: UEW Co-operative Credit Union Unveils new ultra modern office at Pedu, Cape Coast

UEW Co-operative Credit Union


The University of Education Winneba Co-operative Credit Union, today opens it newly established office at Pedu, Cape Coast. This new office has become necessary upon demands from clients to help them get easily access to services when needed since it main office is at Winneba.

Upon discussions with the board of directors, several conditions were taken into consideration before finally this office was finally opened. To the betterment of providing good services to their clients below are some reasons:



1. The love and several demands from people from Cape Coast and it’s nearby environs because of their services and low discount on loans as compared to other credit unions.

2. Manifestos from old members has really increase the numbers here in Cape Coast thus many people coming from Cape Coast and it’s nearby towns.

3. Transportation cost from Cape Coast to Winneba just to patronize their better services.

4. Risk of boarding cars to their office at Winneba.

5. To encourage more new members who complained of distance to have access to them easily.

Upon the above important reasons, UEW Co-operative Credit Union has their office opened right here in Cape Coast at Pedu after Total filling station.

Mr. Steven Penner who was the special guest speaker for the unveiling used the opportunity to urge members to be disciples of this great news and convince their loved ones to join this great family.

Over 29 years of providing Ghanaians with good services, Read some history about the union:

The University of Education Winneba Co-operative Credit Union started in November. 1994 with an initail membership of 28. who were senior members, senior and Junior Staff. The founding members were made up of twenty – one (21) males and seven (7) females. In August. 1995, the credit Union held its maiden Annual General Meeting (AGM) with an increased membership of 137. Membership of the credit Union which was initially restricted to only the staff of university was opened to the general public in January,2011.

Services provided by UEW Co-operative Credit Union includes:

1. Savings.

2. Loans.

3. Mobile Banking.

Mission: We exist to provide efficient financial assistance to all our members

Vision: We seek to become an excellent technology oriented institution for member-focused financial solutions.


1. To promote thrift and the habit of savings among its members

2. Provide loans to our members for provident and productive purposes

3. To apply fair but competitive interest rates to savings and loans

4. To provide quality financial services.

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