CSC Scholarship by China Scholarship Council : Chinese Government Scholarships 2024-2025

Chinese Government Scholarships 2024-2025 : CSC Scholarship by China Scholarship Council: For fully financed Chinese Government Scholarships 2024–2025 in over 275+ Chinese colleges, there will be an online application window available in October for overseas students without the need to take the IELTS exam. International students can apply for the China Scholarship Council’s CSC scholarship 2024–2025 if they want to pursue admission in bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate programs focused on academics or research.

Application process of China government scholarship sponsored by China scholarship council under the name of CSC scholarship is actually a bit lengthy which is why i am posting this article couple of months earlier so that all of my international student readers can have enough time to prepare their required documentation in time for next batch of 2024-2025 admissions on CSC scholarship.

What is included in the CSC Scholarship 2024 Package?
at 2024–2025, there are three different kinds of Chinese government CSC scholarships accessible at all Chinese universities. I’ll go over each sort of CSC scholarship and its unique sponsorship perks below.
Chinese CSC Scholarships 2024-2025 for International Students
Type of Degree Monthly Stipend Duration of Degree Residence Fund Age Limit
Undergraduate Degree RMB 2500/month 4-5 Year Shared dormitory Under 25
MS/master degree RMB 3000/month 2-3 Years Shared dormitory, or RMB 800/month Under 35
Doctoral Phd Degree RMB 3500/month 3-4 Years Shared dormitory, or RMB 1000/month Under 40

1. CSC scholarship (Fully-funded)
It is advised that if you have an excellent academic record, you apply for the fully funded CSC scholarship in 2024. This will cover all of the costs associated with tuition, registration, and application fees, free housing or housing rental at a cost of CNY 1000 per month, and a monthly stipend of about CNY 2500 for bachelor’s students, CNY 3000 for master’s students, or CNY 3500 for doctoral students.

2. CSC scholarship (Partially Funded)
In addition, the China Scholarship Council offers partial CSC scholarships to BS, MS, and PhD students at some of its universities. If you are awarded one of these partial CSC scholarships, your living expenses will be covered by your own means as the monthly stipend money is not included in the scholarship.

3. CSC Scholarship (Only Tuition fee coverage)
This is the worst kind of Chinese government scholarship; it only covers a fraction of your tuition; you are still in charge of covering all other costs, including accommodation while you are in China.

Age limit to Apply for CSC Scholarships in 2024
If you are under 40 years old if you are applying for a doctoral program, under 35 if you are applying for a master’s program, or under 25 if you are applying for a bachelor’s program in 2024, you can submit your online application to any Chinese university that is offering Chinese government scholarships under the auspices of China Scholarship Council.

Application Process Chinese Government Scholarship 2024-2025
The first thing you should know is that the China Scholarship Council accepts applications for CSC scholarships through three different channels. For this reason, the council has created three categories of application channels. It is up to you to decide which channel you would like to use to submit your application for a CSC scholarship in 2024.

CSC Scholarship Type A (Chinese Embassy Route)
Type A CSC scholarship route can be choosen if in your country Chinese embassy is receiving direct applications and in this regards when you will fill out your CSC scholarship form then you must select type A option.

Type B (Chinese University Route) CSC Scholarship
This second method will be very popular in 2024–2025 because foreign students can apply directly for admission to 275+ Chinese university websites by taking advantage of the CSC scholarship quota, but they have to choose the Type B option when filling out the CSC scholarship application form.

CSC Scholarship Type C (Application via other sources)
Chinese government via their China scholarship council department also provide certain quota to international universities for exchange programs, or to their international Chinese langauge institutions and in case if your mode of application is via any of these channels then you will be required to select Type C in CSC scholarship application form in 2024.

CSC Scholarship 2024-2025 Application Forms (How to fill)
International students find it very complex when applying for CSC scholarship in China because there are over 275+ Chinese universities which will be accepting online applications for CSC scholarships in 2024-2025. Therefore, let guide you with this as there are two important online application forms that needs to be filled out by international students as listed below:

CSC China Scholarship Council Online Application Form
Chinese Universities’ online admission application form
First of all you have to decide which three Chinese universities (Add agency number of those Universities) which are your top priorities and then you have to submit your CSC China scholarship council application form in which you will select type B scholarship route, then you will fill that CSC form, submit it, and download its copy.

Now you have to go to those Chinese Universities international student office websites to start filling your admission application form where you will also be requried to attach copy of your downloaded CSC form, all academic documents, research proposal, study plan, motivation letter, physical exam report, and recommendation letters.

Application Duration: China Government CSC Scholarship 2024-2025
You should be aware that there are approximately 275 Chinese institutions on the CSC scholarship panel. Consequently, each university has its own application deadline, which for the class of September 2024 is set between December 31, 2023 and April 30, 2024.

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