Daddy Lumba finally reacts to madman singing his 30-year-old hit song

The fulfilling moment an artiste is recognized for the impact his music is making is something that lives with them forever. Especially when the song Making the impact is a thirty-one-year-old song that made so much difference back in the day and still does wonders in this present age and time when a lot has changed musically. It is indeed a thing of joy to live for and witness by the said artiste.

Over the weekend, a video started circulating on the internet, it was about the madman who was present at the gathering of the Leadership Fantasy Club Of Daddy Lumba. As soon as his 1992 song titled ‘ Makra Mo’ started playing, the mentally challenged man joined in singing at the top of his voice. He sang passionately word for word without missing a lyric.

This intrigued the club members, especially the women who got closer to him spraying money on him while encouraging the man to keep singing. Then he was handed a microphone, and he grabbed it without a flinch and kept singing, his voice was clear and you could hear him saying the lyrics so well. This video warmed hearts in so many ways, one of them was the fact that the people didn’t segregate against him despite his state/looks.

Also, the fact that the Fantasy Club of Daddy Lumba offered to rehabilitate him, and send him to a psychiatric hospital for checks and subsequently treatment. All these and more got people applauding the club for their noble gesture towards the mentally challenged man. Of course, the news got to the legendary Highlife King himself, Charles Kwadwo Fosu, well known as Daddy Lumba.

According to him, he has been getting tags and mentions on all his social media platforms about the video of the mentally challenged man singing his evergreen song Makra Mo. This moved him to write a post acknowledging the moment and what it meant to him. People were moved by his words, especially how he didn’ t call the man a mad man straight up, instead, he referred to him as a ‘ differently able man’ . Check out his post below:

” @realdaddylumba: I have been receiving calls and messages over the trending videos of a differently abled man singing my song ‘ Makra Mo’ . I was very much touched, witnessing someone, even in the midst of his struggles, finding solace in my music. And this is why I do what I do

To touch even the most unexpected soul regardless of their circumstances or challenges. I am always grateful that the Almighty God has used my music as a vessel to heal, uplift, and bring people together. Thank you all for allowing my music into your lives, and as long as I have breath, I promise to continue inspiring you! Meda Mo Ase Bebree! “

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