Deadline for SIM re-registration is not needed – Technology Analyst


A Technology Analyst, Maximus Ametorgoh has called for the deadline for SIM re-registration to be scrapped.

According to him, he does not see the need for the deadline.

Speaking in an interview on Newsfile, Saturday, Mr Ametorgoh said the government should rather find a possible way to register those who are unable to beat the deadline.

“Why don’t they find a smarter way of getting the other people who can’t access a registration centre because of geographical restrictions, age etc? he asked.

The Technology Analyst further explained that the registration process should not be forced on people but rather should be a process where people should be encouraged to do so when they are available.

“So it doesn’t make sense to me that we have been worrying ourselves doing extensions. Let’s get people to do this as and when they are available to do it. Telecommunication service is a tool of convenience which you don’t sell with inconvenience.

“So I believe that the extension must be done, it should go beyond the January 2023 people are talking about”, he said.

In regards to this, Mr Ametorgoh said the government is not losing anything when it comes to the registration process so there is no need for a deadline.

“You are using the experience centres of most of the telecommunication companies, MTN’s and the rest, they have their experience centres. I’m not sure government is paying them for using their workers to do SIM registration”, he wondered.



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