Elmina Fishing Harbour, All you need to know

The Elmina Fishing harbour is aimed at providing adequate facilities, berthing space
and creating a deep marine access to ensure the safe reception of fishing crafts.
The project comprised of the construction of breakwaters, quay walls, civil buildings,
together with the dredging and reclamation works of the new port basin.
This project guarantees the sustainable revitalization and the long-term development
of the Elmina community. It will also strengthen Elmina’s position in the fishing industry
and place the city at the heart of the cultural ambitions of the Ghanaian Government,
positioning Elmina’s future as one of the dynamic cities on the Ghanaian coast.
The 30-month project which commenced on 1st August 2020 was completed on
schedule at the end of January 2023.

1. Ensure safe launching and landing of fishing crafts
2. Promote catch in the most hygienic environment
3. Improve the safety and welfare of the people of Elmina
4. Provide sanitation facilities for the fisher folks
5. Boost the touristic appeal of the town
6. Provide safe fish handling facilities
7. Reduce post-harvest losses
8. Provide job opportunities

Scope Of Works
1. Two new breakwaters (Main and Lee
2. Dredged to depths between 3 m to 5 m
CD designed for current and future vessels
with a new 8.9 ha basin from the old 2.5
3. 400 m quay wall

4. 120 m revetment (North and South).

5. 15 000 m2
land reclamation
6. 200 m2
pavement around the castle
7. Vehicle parking area
8. Administration Building with a viewing
9. Fish Market
10. Net Mending Shed
11. An Auction Hall
12. A Workshop Building
13. Ablution Facility and Public Toilets
14. Day Care Center
15. Designated Waste Collection Area

The project has brought some benefits to the Elmina community through the following

* Maintenance and repairs of some local gravel and town roads.
* Refurbishment of town side cobble walk pedestrian quay and
replacement of bollards.
* Donation of additional street lights in several sections in town.
* Archeological investigation for Ghana Museums and Monuments
* Board (GMMB) and accumulation & safekeeping of relics.
* Assisted Komenda Edina Eguafo Abirem (KEEA) Municipality with
waste removal across town.
* Completion of the Omanhen’s Palace
Assisted some flood victims in June 2022.

Below are some Pictures, Elmina Fishing Harbour

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