Employment – List of 11 well-paid jobs to work from home in the USA


Employment has changed since the 2020 pandemic spread all over the world. Many workers found it more appealing to work from home rather than spend hours in a traffic jam. Not to mention the amount of money spent on gas and car repairs. Avoiding car crashes is another perk of working at home. Some companies pay more money to their workers than others that have an office.

According to GOBankingRates, there are many jobs that pay you high salaries while you telecommute. These are some of the jobs they include in their list. At the top, those looking for employment from home as product managers are the luckiest ones. They will be able to earn as much as $152,000. Their duties include managing all production processes.


What about considering employment opportunities as a project manager?

On average they might get up to $78,565 and they will be in charge of managing projects completely, from scratch until it is over. The skills you may need for this sort of employment are good social organization skills among others. Senior project managers in the IT field may even get a larger check. Not only will they need to be great at technology but they will also have to keep an eye on those employees that have just started. Earning $117,774 is not a bad motivation if you are keen on that job.

Business Development Managers also have very good employment conditions. Salaries range from $77,972 to $128,00 depending on your experience and company. Their aim is to design plans to make more earnings for the company. It is also essential to motivate your team and enhance the relationships with clients or customers.

How about becoming a channel sales manager?

Their salary is also a good one since they may get from $82,415 to $125,000 annually. As you may have guessed from their name, they are focused on selling products or services. They usually do it through an affiliate or reseller. Having the skills to face and sort out problems is vital. Senior account managers may have a salary of $76,676 and the best-paid workers up to $115,000. Being the leader of your sales team will be your role. If none of them suit you, there are still more employment opportunities.

Senior Sales Executive is another employment possibility to take into account. They could earn from $83,682 to 138,000 dollars. Experience will be key to be able to achieve this high paid job. Finding new clients and improving their sales with the clients they have is a must. Moving on to software developers, front-end developers can also get a large check from the comfort of their sofa. It will not be an easy task though, get ready to have a Bachelor’s degree as well as other extra certifications. Java developers, mobile App developers, and marketing-related employment possibilities are also well-paid so you may want to explore them.

Remember that one of the most determining factors in having a good Social Security check in the future is having a high salary. Therefore, achieving this goal through one of these jobs is much easier. This way we will have a golden break with a much bigger retirement check.




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