Financial Clearance given to GES for Payment of Vehicle Maintenance Allowance to Teachers

The Ghana Education Service has been given financial clearance by the Ministry of Finance for payment of teachers’ Vehicle Maintenance Allowance.

Information available from the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) reveals that One Thousand, Eight Hundred and Three (1,803) Teachers in the Ghana Education Service will soon receive Vehicle Maintenance Allowance. Following the financial clearance given, these 1,803 teachers will soon receive Vehicle Maintenance Allowance monthly.

This was revealed after GNAT National Council meeting held to discuss pertinent issues affecting teachers.

About Vehicle Maintenance Allowance monthly.

According to the conditions of Service of Teachers within the Ghana Education Service, as agreed between the Ghana Education Service, Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) Coalition of Concerned Teachers (CCT) and the National Association of Graduate Teachers, (NAGRAT), Teachers are entitled to some allowances to enable them service their vehicles, motorcycles and bicycles depending on the rank of the teacher.

Section 18 of the Collective Agreement between GES and Teacher Unions in Education under FRINGE BENEFITS 18.1 of Maintenance and Mileage Allowances says

i. Maintenance and Mileage allowances shall be paid at approved rate to all teaching employees of Ghana Education Service who are entitled to own and who own and use a means of transport in the
performance of their duties.

ii. A committed allowance shall be paid to the teaching employees in the service who own means of transport at the approved rate.

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