GNAT to present data to GES on allowance for teachers in deprived areas.


Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) has been tasked by GES to present data on Teachers in deprived areas in order for them to work on their allowances under the said category of Teachers in the Service.

According to GNAT, their Technical Committee had finished their work and would present their report to them (Management of GES) for onward actions



Allowances for Teachers in Deprived/Difficult Areas

Allowances based on a percentage of monthly gross salary shall be paid to teachers posted to areas designated as deprived.

Charge Allowances 

Where an employee is made to perform the duties of a higher employee, under circumstances where acting allowances is not applicable, a non-taxable charge allowance shall be paid to the employee during the period of such duties.

Supervision Allowance

i. There shall be designated established posts in the service that shall attract payment of supervision allowances for such designated posts and their corresponding allowances shall be subject to negotiation by both parties.

ii. The under-listed posts shall attract supervision allowances which shall be a percentage of monthly gross salary.


1. Headteacher

2. Assistant Headteacher


1. Headmaster/Headmistress

2. Assistant Headmaster/Assistant Headmistress

3. Senior Housemaster/Senior House Mistress


5.Form Master/Form Mistress

6.Head Of Department

7.Guidance And Counseling Officer


1. Principal

2. Vice Principal

3. Head Of Department
4.Senior Housemaster/House Mistress

5. Assessment Officer

6. Form Tutor

7. Housemaster/House Mistress

8.Guidance And Counseling Coordinator

9. Resource Centre Coordinator


1. Principal

2. Vice principal

3. House Father/housemother

4.Housemaster/house mistress

5. Form master/mistress

6. Head of department

7. Senior Housemaster/house Mistress

Professional Allowance

Professional allowance of a percentage of each employee’ a monthly gross salary shall be paid to all certified teachers who are in the employment of the Ghana Education Service.

Allowances for Mathematics, Science and Technical Teachers and Certified teachers who teach mathematics, science and technical, vocational and ICT subjects shall have a percentage of the monthly gross salary over and above their normal placements except that this facility shall be waived when the personnel concerned stop teaching these subjects.

Protective Clothing 

Technical/Vocational, Science, ICT and Home Economics teachers shall be provided with protective clothing periodically.

Advance to purchase means of TransportAdvertisement

Employees of the Ghana Education Service shall be entitled in advances to purchase means of transport, in accordance with existing regulations.

Salary Advance 

Two months gross leave salary advance approved by management, which may be recoverable in twelve (12) months.

Special Advance

The service may grant special advance to members of the service in the event of verified death of an employee father, mother, spouse, child or in the case of theft, fire or such mishap an employee on application may be considered for not more than two (2) months salary advance. Repayment of such advance shall commence after two (2) months grace period and shall be spread over a period not exceeding twenty four months.

Transfer Grant

A transfer grant of two months salary shall be paid to each member on approved transfer. An employee shall be paid a transfer grant at the appropriate rate where the transfer is at the instance of management provided it is not on disciplinary grounds and the transfer result in the change of station as well as movement of household effects.
It is also applicable even if the transfer is at the instance of the employee concerned provided he has served a minimum period of four (4) years in one district and provided such transfer results in the change of place abode as well as movement of household effects.

Rent Advance

An advance not exceeding the employee’s basic gross annual salary maybe granted to employee for the purpose of solving an
accommodation problem.

Advance for the purchase of durable household goods.

A loan not exceeding 150% of an employee’s annual gross salary may
be granted to confirmed employee to purchase furniture and any
other household appliances. Such loan when granted shall be repaid in not more than eighty four equal installment


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