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Gospel fraternity fights against itself – Roro Buddy


Music Producer Roro Buddy has voiced out his displeasure at some producers for fighting against his works.

Roro well known for producing hit songs like “Style bia bi” for Great Ampong has taken to Facebook to issue a caution to his fellow gospel music producer to stop backbiting and work for the kingdom.


According to his post, a gospel producer paid DJs not to play his produced songs because he hails from Kumasi and tagged as “small boy”.

Read his post below : Roro Buddy 

1 Never inherit another person’s enemy.
2 Always be happy when you see a brother/sister making it.
It is so sad that the people who claim are solely for the gospel are the same people forming these cartel to fight against the same kingdom they claim they are pushing. Charley so if this industry,we carry give you alone ahhhh,u fit handle am. At the end of the day just eat and let a brother/sister also eat.

Some people did it saa and are out of the system now. I remember one engineer bi even paid some DJ’s not to play my works cos I am that lil boy coming from Kumasi. One thing is never try to fight people who carry grace cos GOD is the ultimate.

You can sideline people in your books but God through the people(street will always raise his own)..

Respect people and give honour to whom it is due but don’t let anybody make you feel say without them you can’t make it, when it’s your time you go blow style bia bi (onipa ny3 NYAME).

OLEE(ONNIM) drops of the 28th of July, ????????

Source: DjQwequ/wadupgh


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