How To Guard Your Company Against Workers’ Compensation Claims

workers compensation insurance
workers compensation insurance

What to do if you or a member of your staff is wounded at work. Although it’s a frightening thought, anything may happen to your company as a result of an accident you had at work. You will have to spend money on medical care and rehabilitation planning in addition to having a difficult time managing your personal life. You need to look out for yourself so that no one else gets hurt! To ensure that you don’t become a victim of workers compensation fraud, protect yourself with these tips. Protecting Yourself from Wages Claims Even though the economy is recovering from its recessionary dip, many small businesses are still struggling. Many are forced to lay off employees or close down operations altogether. This can leave owners with heavy medical bills, expensive lawyer fees and a ruined credit score. Fortunately, there are ways to keep yourself and your business safe from both liability claims and damages by becoming more aware of potential risks and precautions. Here are some ways you can protect yourself against wage claims:

Don’t Pay For Medical Expenses Out of Your Own Pocket

One way to protect yourself from spending money you don’t have to cover medical bills is to have them paid for by insurance. Make sure you have adequate coverage for yourself and your employees. Make sure that you understand your insurance coverage and have an emergency fund set up in case of an emergency.

Keep Accurate Records
While it is important to keep records of all treatment and payments for both yourself and your employees, you should keep track of the more expensive ones. This will help you to identify and properly indemnify your employees if they are hurt on the job. Make sure you keep track of the dates, times, recipients, amounts and medications used for each treatment.

Don’t Allow Employees To Work From Home
If your business doesn’t have a location where employees can come to work, you are putting your employees at risk by allowing them to work from home. While working from home can be a good idea for some employees, it is definitely not the best option for others. If you have employees who are able to work from home, make sure they are properly supervised and have adequate training on safe working conditions.

Train Your Staff on Safe Working Conditions
Your staff members are your greatest assets. Put yourself in their shoes and remember that they are putting themselves in potentially dangerous situations every day. Make sure they are aware of the proper working conditions and procedures. If you have a team of technicians or a service-based business, make sure they are being taught the safe procedures by certified technicians.

Get Insurance For Your Business.
If something were to happen to your business, you need to be covered. Even if you have employees who are covered by insurance, you should still get in touch with their insurance company and let them know your business’s situation. Make sure they are up-to-date on your business’s coverage and have any necessary changes made.

Stay In touch with your Employees After An Injury
It is one thing to get in touch with an employee after an injury has happened, but quite another to stay in touch with them after they are back on their feet. Make sure you keep in touch with your employees after an injury so that they know you care and they know where you are in the process of getting back on their feet.

It is critical to protect your company from workers compensation claims in order to keep your employees satisfied and your business running smoothly. While some employees may be hesitant to speak up if they fear they may be subject to a workers’ compensation claim, a good faith effort can go a long way toward preventing problems from occurring in the first place. If you or your employees get injured on the job, it is important to take the necessary steps to protect yourself, your business and your reputation. Pay particular attention to the information we have provided and you will be well on your way to protecting your business from workers compensation claims.


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