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“I AM NOT SARKODIE IN BARS NOT IN BOOKS” – Fred Kyei Mensah writes



If you poke the eyes of the cadaver, you’ll find maggots. If you present the thumb as fisticuffs at a funeral observation, a slap will be your goodbye gift.


Quiet recently, Yvonne Nelson launched her memoir (book) and, laid a scathing attack on Sarkodie’s personality by laying claim of an abortion during their sexual escapades some 13 years ago. In fact, the public has never forgiven King Sarkodie since that expōse.

On a lighter note, after yesterday that the NDC showed NPP something small in Assin North and put pepper ???? in their eyes which dazed them, Sarkodie released a song titled “Try me”. Next time, don’t try them for they will “Quayson Gyakye” you. This is not Atiwa. Lol ????

In the said song ????, Sarkodie never mentioned anyone’s name however, if you speak proverbs, we also can decode them. He alleged multiple sex partners on the one he was speaking of and that, he was ready to take that albatross to the grave but he’s been provoked. He asked the person in question, to talk about all the guys she dated. He said, she lined up guys like Cuban links and f****d them all! Eish Boi!

He describes the person that, she was for the streets and should not claim to be a good girl and that, abortion was not his portion and wanted to take responsibility and see his personal doctor however, a friend of the person he Sark is talking about, convinced her to go to another clinic for that awful act. Hmm.

Things happened oooh. They were at the Sky Bar and he Sark, was trying to stay away however, the lady in question was “ahohyehye”, was fastidious, garrulous and witty.

Sark said in the song that, she the lady, was always playing the victim and ended by saying “in our modern space, women are more understood than men” when it comes to relationship matters. Nsem de3, Sarkodie aka bi paa. Go and listen ???? to the song and deduce your own conclusions. Try me. The eagle has landed to dismantle the “Weave on Netson”. Enjoy your Salla holidays “Sacrilegiously” and don’t box in Zumma Nelson’s ring.

Good beads don’t rattle.


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