Is Sarkodie Right??? Kelly Nii Lartey Mensa quizzes


Media personality Kelly Nii Lartey Mensa has add his voice to what sarkodie said in his latest interview as a way for Ghanaian artistes to break through to the international market.

Read his post below:

IS Sarkodie RIGHT? Yes we don’t have any moral rights to call them out for not going International!

TV and radio presenters are the roots of every entertainment industry. So are media executives, content curators and entertainment professionals. A musician can work from heaven to earth to make an impact on the international market, if he doesn’t have his folks in the entertainment industry playing crucial roles in these global media and events industries, his chances are almost zero.

So what Sarkodie is saying is this, you guys are the ones that will create the framework for artistes to climb the international ladder by being there and seeing and forming the fundamental roots so the artistes can ride on.

It’s an ecosystem. So if you, who need to be there before the acts are there, you yourself is sitting in Accra reigning on local stations, what moral rights do you have to call out the artistes for not making a global impact.? None!

As creative executives, we are the root and the actors are the branches. Branches cannot bring forth global fruit when the root is the local champion!

Other countries are making that global impact because BET, MTV Base, CNN Africa, BBC Africa, and Comedy Central are all full of their country’s executives.

Do you want them to promote Sarkodie from Ghana when they can push Wizkid and Burna Boy? Be here in Ghana and be shouting, you will stay here with your artistes!


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