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Kuami Eugene Reacts After His House Help Disgraced Him In An Interview

One of the best musicians in Ghana, Kuami Eugene, responded to an interview where her former housekeeper Mary revealed the pitiful wage she received for working for the musician with a tweet.

While that is the standard amount most Ghanaians pay their domestic workers, one would assume that it would be more when working for an A-list celebrity such as Kuami Eugene.

According to the woman in the interview, she has been employed by the musician for a minimum of three years. Upon starting, she received a salary increment of GHC $100 annually, meaning that in her second year, her salary increased from GHC $400 to GHC $500, and in her final year, it increased to GHC $6, 000.

It’s surprising that Kuami Eugene saw the video and responded to it on social media, given how popular that portion of her interview has been.

In a tweet as seen by, Kuami Eugene wrote; ” Nipa Bi Y3 Cobra ” and attached images of himself all dripped.

Given that Ghana’s minimum wage was recently reviewed and determined to be GHC14. 88, it is safe to assume that Kuami’s previous house helper was receiving the legal minimum wage and had not broken any labour laws.

Numerous individuals on social media attacked her house help, accusing her of being unappreciative to Kuami Eugene for not only not paying the light or water bills but also for dining for free while she was staying with him.

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