Lady exposes GH man who’s set to marry but wants to date her

Apparently, while Philip and his fiancee, Esther, were still making preparations for their wedding he was secretly trying to woo another lady during the same period.

In one of their chats dated 12th December 2022, Philip confessed that he doesn’t love his fiancee, Esther, and it’s Natalie he truly loves hence she should give him the chance to show her raw undiluted love.

He proceeded to beg Natalie to get pregnant for him and if she does that, he’ll put her n a monthly allowance and also rent an apartment for her and their baby.

Natalie vehemently declined this juicy offer from Philip and insisted he concentrates on his wife because she can’t commit such a horrific sin.

Fast forward, Philp who lost the fight in trying to win Natalie’s heart has sent his wedding invitation card to Natalie and this is what has brought about this whole brouhaha.

Natalie whose bent on letting Philip’s fiancee know about her womanizing trait has shared screenshots of their Whatsapp chats online for the whole world to know that he’s only toying with Esther for yet-to-be-discovered reasons.

Read the screenshots below to know more…

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The below picture also details Philp and Esther’s impending wedding which is slated for 11th February 2023.

Social media is currently divided into two sections with contrasting opinions as one group strongly believes Natalie is trying to chase clout because she didn’t agree to date Philip and only wants to disgrace him now that his star is about to shine.

Others are also congratulating Natalie for naming and shaming Philp because this will serve as a serious deterrent to other men to stay with their lovers.

Read some of the comments below to know more…

He Len – Well since the relationship didn’t start, I actually think posting it for them to be dragged no enfa hwee ma. If you wanted to let the wife know, you could have just find a way and tell the wife. We’ve all had men that was hitting on us real bad a week to their wedding and we didn’t make a fuss out of this. He’s a cheat…okay but I’m still finding it difficult to understand the motive behind her post 

Did he chop her ?? Is she hurt because he sent her an invite or she just wanna create a scene because the relationship is sponsored by TIA???

Maybe I can’t read to comprehend but her posting this makes no sense to me. But since we love vawulence, I’ll be here to see how things enfold but chale enuh dey hia unless she’s been used and dump deaa then she’s got every right to call him out.

Rushida Rashid – You said no and still feel it is okay to drag a fellow woman into her man’s mess.All you had to do was send her the screenshots and let her decide what to do with it.

Kris Nelson Nana Hesse – Why do men always mess up beautiful things…i was elated by the kind gesture of TIA members in making sure you have a wonderful wedding and you’re out there shamelessly chasing another woman when you have a week left to your big day…. You failed big time ma guy.What a shame!

Sa M’akosei – Interestingly the church and the society will talk Esther into this nonsense of a marriage, she will go ahead and marry this nonsense guy and still and be shading single people who have decided not to be married to idiots.

Nha Nah Eyesha – But since she said she didn’t want him and neither wanted the deal. What’s the drama here? Why is she posting all this?

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