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Let’s help each other: King Promise talks about a time when Ghanaian artist in London stopped him from performing

King Promise recently shed light on the barriers to collaboration in the music industry. He highlighted the widespread belief among artists that collaboration means competition rather than a chance for mutual progress. During a Twitter conversation with content creator Kwadwo Sheldon he pointed on some instances. King Promise recalled an instance in London where Ghanaian artist sponsoring an event refused to include him. Despite his desire to support and grace the stage, he was denied the opportunity to perform. In expressing his thoughts on the subject, King Promise bemoaned the prevalent mindset, noting; “It’s just the mentality of Ghanaians. Like I always say, it is not us against each other; it is us against the world.” He went on to describe a personal experience in London, when he was denied the opportunity to perform. Despite being invited by another Ghanaian musician (together with Sarkodie). The experience caused him to question the industry’s sense of internal conflict, as he had come with the purpose of demonstrating support and increasing the collective success of Ghanaian artists.

In the interview, King Promise also mentioned times when he worked with Nigerian singers like Wizkid and Omar Lay. He was perplexed as to whether some artists saw these partnerships as a competition rather than an opportunity for collaborative growth. Despite the disparities in their experiences, King Promise emphasized the need of promoting a mindset shift among other musicians, advising them to prioritize collective support over rivalry. He underlined that the industry’s success is dependent on unity rather than internal strife, and he encouraged a collaborative approach for the benefit of the entire music community.

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