Let’s stop acting all confident under afro-beat, and build somthing we can call our own – Wei Ye Oteng says


Renounced music producer Wei Ye Oteng has hit back at Ghanaian music industry for leaving under the shadows of afrobeat and rather build a genre that can be Ghanaian.

This comment can after a chart was seen on social media platform “Charts Ghana” showing top 10 songs on AppleMusic on ghanaian platform.

This has raised a lots of comments from various industry players claiming the platform is been manipulated by creators.

Wei Ye Oteng with a different approach has thrown the mantle to the Music Industry to produce something that can identify us as Ghanaian rather than leaving under the shadow of Afro-beat.


Below is the post from Wei Ye Oteng’s Facebook page:

There is a difference between upgrading what you have a loosing what you have,
Truth is our music as Ghanaians is noo where to be found. Let’s stop acting all confident under afro-beat, and build somthing we can call our own.

Sad but Ghanaian music has noo icon, plenty self acclaim but not a single accepted by all.
Fela is Nigerian music, made with the help of some of our own Ghanaian old musicians, but till now we are struggling on the world stage to find a single accepted genre called Ghanaian music. Everything Ghanaian is dying, no wonder most use this industry as a passage way to their real destination and start a better life from there.

Hiplife till date is fighting one Reggie Rock, some say yes others say no, why won’t he hurriedly put some few ppl together to tell the world a story that don’t represent the real truth ? Cox he needs to establish what he and a few has accepted he named.

I Oteng is not saying we should keep playing hilife like the 60s did, but no matter how one grows their names don’t change eventho they might have spiced up the life with some cool add ons.

You have no identity yet crying where you can’t be recognised. 🤣🤣🤣 (Ourselves and streams are what we are getting). We will keeping loosing out till we know who we are, they world needs originality not copy.

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Source: DjQwequ


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