List of Scholarships for Muslim Students 2024 to Study Abroad for free

List of Scholarships for Muslim Students 2024 to Study Abroad for free: This post will be helpful to all of my Muslim student audience members since I have compiled a comprehensive list of all fully funded foreign scholarships for you to consider for the class of 2024–2025 admissions to prestigious universities in the US, Europe, Britain, and Asia.

In light of this, if you want to enroll in a BS, MS, or PhD program in 2024 and have strong academic credentials, you should start getting ready for your scholarship application. You should also read this article through to the end to learn about all of your options for scholarships in the upcoming months. In addition, I would like to mention that non-Muslim students may also be interested in applying for these scholarships.

Scholarships for Muslim Students Completely Funded in 2024
I have thus looked into the many scholarships that are offered to Muslim students in various nations and have compiled a list of the best scholarships specifically for Muslims. This list of all the scholarships that are offered to Muslim students is given below:

1. Islamic Development Bank Scholarships
The Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) recognizes the value of human resources in advancing sustainability and society, which is why it provides scholarships to Muslim students to address the need for human resource development. However, in order to be eligible for these scholarships, which are offered for undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral degrees in specific fields of study, you must ensure that your nation is an active member of IsDB.

The Islamic Development Bank offers Muslim scholarships that pay for tuition, flights, medical expenses, and a monthly stipend. Students who are awarded the scholarships must enroll at public institutions in their home country; however, if their preferred field is not offered, they may be admitted to member nations that have a banking agreement.

2. Islamic Scholarship Fund
This scholarship is meant to finance studies in particular majors in the USA. Islamic Scholarship Fund was established to increase American Muslims’ representation in politics as well as media and this Islamic scholarship fund provides funding to students who are Muslims or are from members of the Muslim Communities in the USA. So to get this islamic scholarship, students must have US citizenship or be a resident of the USA and they must also be enrolled for a degree with an ISF supported major at an accredited university in the USA.

In addition to this, the Islamic Scholarship Fund offers film awards, congressional internships, and fellowships in accordance with its goal. The scholarship it offers has a maximum amount given to each student.

3. Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies (OCIS) Scholarships
If you want to study at the University of Oxford on a scholarship then this is for you and this scholarship is for students of the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies which is an independent center within the University of Oxford. and this Oxford scholarship covers 100% of tuition fees and provides a grant for meeting living expenses for the full duration of the course.

Only students starting a full-time Masters or DPhil course at the center may apply for these scholarships however apart from these benefits oxford scholarship is only granted to students residing in specific countries and who intend to return to their home country after their studies and all these scholarships are provided based on merit only.

4. Aziz Foundation Scholarships
The Aziz Foundation offers full-time postgraduate scholarships to British Muslims, covering 100% of the cost of tuition. The beneficiaries of these scholarships are British Muslims who aspire to improve society by means of community development and increased representation in society. In other words, the foundation supports these individuals in need of financial assistance for higher education.

Apart from general master’s scholarships the foundation also has a preferred partner scheme through which it provides scholarships in particular majors at its partner universities which include Regent’s Park College, St. the Edmund’s College University of Cambridge, City University of London, University of Sussex, the University of St. Andrews and Aston University Birmingham.

5. King Faisal Foundation Scholarship Program
The purpose of the King Faisal Foundation scholarships is to provide financial support to Muslim students who demonstrate academic excellence and wish to pursue studies in science, engineering, or medicine at undergraduate and graduate levels. These scholarships are available to students worldwide. It is imperative that I also bring up the fact that the King Faisal Foundation now offers scholarships to students who wish to continue their study at universities.

Through the scholarship, this king faisal foundation aims to raise the economic and social standards of Muslim countries. Scholarships are awarded to students under certain criteria.

6. MAX Scholarships
MAX or Muslim Awards for Excellence aims to elevate the status of Muslims in Canada by recognizing their achievements as well as motivating them and these scholarships are provided to Muslim students who show excellent performance in university or high school and have contributed to their school.

High school students and postgraduate students pursuing a variety of fields in the arts and business, science and engineering, humanitarian studies, and medicine are eligible to apply for MAX scholarships. Students in Canada have access to a wide range of scholarship programs.

7. Scholarships from the Muslim Education Trust
For Muslims in India, this trust was established. In order to improve the social and economic standing of minorities and contribute to the national prosperity, it offers financial aid through its scholarships. Recipients of these scholarships are expected to get involved in community development once their degrees or educational programs are completed, or they may be awarded to students in order to help them prepare for the Civil Service Examinations or enroll in reputable universities.

8. Scholarships from the Fadel Educational Foundation
The Fadel Educational Foundation is a non-governmental organization established by the Fadel Family with the goal of supporting American Muslims who aspire to pursue higher education financially and by offering scholarships to fellow Americans.

Since this foundation has assisted numerous Muslim students in the USA to date, the fadel scholarships pay for students’ tuition fees up to $10,000 for their degree. As a result, recipients receive the award for a year after which they must reapply to be considered for the award in subsequent years of their degree.

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