Live and Study in Australia: University of Sydney Tuition Fee Scholarship Applications Open for International Students


University of Sydney Tuition Fee Scholarship

If you are an international student and would like the opportunity to study in Australia, the University of Sydney Tuition Fee Scholarship might be the answer for you. This scholarship gives you the opportunity to study without the financial burden of your tuition fees. Apply today to secure your spot.


1. Applicants must be an international student at the time of award.


2. University of Sydney International Scholarship holders are expected to enroll in a full-time postgraduate research degree. Subject to visa conditions, the University may approve a part-time Scholarship* where the University is satisfied that there are special circumstances that are beyond the student’s control (for example medical conditions, financial hardship, career’s responsibilities). A part-time scholarship may have tax implications and student should seek tax advice from registered tax agents.

3. The Scholarship may be held for 14 research periods (full time) for Research Doctorate studies, or for 7 research periods for Research Masters studies. No extensions are possible. Periods of study already undertaken towards the degree prior to the commencement of the award will be deducted from the maximum tenure of the award.

4. A student is expected to commence the Scholarship by the census date of their commencing intake, and during the year the Scholarship is awarded. If a student has commenced their studies, the scholarship may commence no earlier than the day it is awarded. Deferment of scholarship to next calendar year is not allowed.


  • Full tuition fees as set by the University of Sydney.
  • Holders of the Scholarship may not concurrently hold another scholarship that provides support for tuition fees.

Commencement of Studies/Deferral of Commencement

Recipients of the Scholarship must enroll in their offered course and commence research at the University by the census date of their course intake. Request to defer the Scholarship may not be considered and the University reserves the right to withdraw the Scholarship offer if the recipient fails to gain an appropriate student visa or is unable to enroll and commence research at the University by the deadline.

Research Overseas

    • Holders of the Scholarship may not normally conduct research overseas within the first 6 months of an award.
  • Holders of the Scholarship may conduct up to 12 months (18 months for students of Anthropology and other special cases) of their research outside Australia. Approval must be sought from the student’s supervisor, and Head of department/School, and will only be granted if the research is essential for completion of the degree. All periods of overseas research are cumulative and will be counted towards a student’s candidature. Students must remain enrolled at the University and receive approval to Count Time Away.

Conversion between Research Masters and Research Doctorate degrees

  • Holders of the Scholarship may convert from a Research Master’s degree to a Research Doctorate degree or vice-versa provided such change in candidature is approved by the Faculty/University School. The conversion from Research Doctorate degree to Research Master’s degree may result a termination of the scholarship. Should the Scholarship holder be approved to retain the scholarship, the maximum duration of a converted Scholarship becomes that for the new candidature.


The Scholarships are not transferrable to another university. Should the holder of scholarship transfer to another faculty, school, or supervisor within the University of Sydney, the duration of the scholarship will not be extended.


    • Subject to relevant VISA conditions, holders of the Scholarship cannot suspend their award within the first six months.
    • Subject to relevant VISA conditions, holders of the Scholarship may apply for up to 4 research periods suspension for any reason during the tenure of their award. Periods of suspension are cumulative and failure to resume study after suspension will result in the scholarship being terminated. Approval to suspend must be given by the Head of the Department/School concerned. Periods of study towards the degree during suspension of the Scholarship will be deducted from the maximum tenure of the Scholarship.
    • Subject to relevant VISA conditions, female holders of the Scholarship are entitled to up to an additional 4 research periods suspension (less any period of paid maternity leave) following each birth. The Scholarship holder should apply for the suspension within four weeks of the expected date of confinement.
  • Whenever a student suspends his/her studies the university must report the suspension to immigration authorities and the student may be obliged to return to their home country for the duration of the suspension. Therefore, if a student wishes to remain in Australia during a period of suspension of studies, they must contact the closest Australian immigration office within 28 days of the approval notice to seek approval to remain in Australia during the suspension.

Changes in Enrolment

Holders of the Scholarship must notify Higher Degree by Research Administration Centre (HDRAC) promptly of any planned changes to their enrolment including but not limited to: attendance pattern, suspension, leave of absence, withdrawal, course transfer, and candidature variations. Students who obtain Australian Permanent Residence status during the course of their enrolment at the University of Sydney (or prior to enrolment at the University) must notify the HDRAC immediately when their Australian Permanent Resident visa is issued. In this case, students must bring their passport to the Student Centre as soon as possible so that the University can adjust their residency status.


The Scholarships will be terminated on resignation or withdrawal of the student, upon submission of the thesis or at the end of the award, or scholarship holder becomes an Australian Permanent Resident, whichever occurs first. The Scholarships will be terminated before this time if after due enquiry the University concludes that a student has not carried out the course of study with competence and diligence or in accordance with the offer of the Scholarship, or fails to maintain satisfactory progress, or has committed serious misconduct.

False or Misleading Information

The University of Sydney reserves the right to reassess a student’s scholarship entitlements if it believes the student has provided false or misleading information to the university in relation to their application for admission or the scholarship award.


The University recognizes the right of any student to appeal to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education) against any decision affecting the award or tenure of the Scholarship.

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