LIVE TV: Strange rat runs away with presenter’s script (Machishi Samuel)


A popular and sensational newscaster Machishi Samuel, at ZNBC Lusaka studios, yesterday around 13:00 hours while broadcasting news live was left shocked after a strange rat flew on his table and took to its heel carrying the news script along.

Mr. Machishi Samuel who had already started with the headlines brilliantly like the Zambian geniuses he covers, remained mute for countless seconds staring into the camera with his pulse audible enough to be heard by viewers across the country. Duuuuhm! Dhuuuum!

After a dramatic pose, he rubbernecked to look for the news scripts which had disappeared into thin air. The incident shook the entire TV crew, anyone would tell they were shocked because they continued to record the shaking news caster looking for his script with mouths wide open allowing flies in and out.

However, many people have concluded that the rat which appeared in a flash and disappeared, looked exactly like those in Chamboli on the Copperbelt.

This only meant a person who was recently on the Copperbelt was responsible and this was more than enough for anyone to infer that the accusing fingers were pointing at Paul Shalala because his vehicle produces rat like sounds and…….
………..apart from recently coming from Copperbelt leaving his crew, he is also always on the move ready to cover news regardless of the place and previously was in Chibolya.

Meanwhile, measures at the Lusaka studios have been put in place to check for possible rats in vehicles and people’s bags.

Such a tragedy day for Me. Machishi Samuel


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