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Lyrical Joe goes into details what he meant by “Amerado is not my type” Lyrical Joe

Amerado is not my type - lyrical Joe


Lyrical Joe goes into details what he meant by “Amerado is not my type” Lyrical Joe

Rap goes into details apart from the normal lyrics rappers do flow. Takes a music lover with deep knowledge in rap or hip-hop to understand rap lyrics well. With Ghana bless with two great rappers who have been battling it with beef/diss songs and very well known in the music space, Lyrical Joe and Amerado Burner. Also winning best rapper of the year (Lyrical Joe – 2021) (Amerado – 2022) during the Vodafone Ghana Music awards.


Award winning Ghanaian rapper, Lyrical Joe born has deeply explained his comment made in previous interview tag Amerado as not his type of rap.

Making reference to a previous comment made by him stating “Amerado is not my type” which sparkle some controversies in the rap scene, Lyrical Joe born Joseph Gamor has decode the said statement on Sunup show on Shobiz TV hosted by Aikoadade and Aseidu formerly of Ghana most Beautiful.

Here is what he said

“Rap is a very broad topic. Some people do it in different languages. I do it in English, he does it in Twi. Am not putting one ahead of one. I do it here l, he does it there.
If I win rapper of the year and you win rapper of the year, it doesn’t mean you’ve won lyricist of the year. It’s Ghana here that such “lyricist of the year” is not done here or something like that.

Maybe there is a line the person toes, something the person talks about, I don’t talk about the same thing. I also talk about different thing. It doesn’t mean that he has the same, I have the same, we are the same type of rappers.

Source: DjQwequ


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