MEXT Japan Scholarships 2024 to Study for Free in Japan Without IELTS

Now is the appropriate moment to submit your online application for Japanese MEXT Scholarships for the session of 2024-2025 to benefit yourself of an opportunity to study absolutely free at Japanese top-ranked Universities.

Japan’s Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (MEXT) has released the details of its foreign student MEXT scholarship program for 2024–2025. Those who meet the requirements in their academic records will get monthly living allowances in addition to free education in Japan. To be eligible for this MEXT scholarship, one does not need to learn Japanese as the degree programs will be provided in both English and Japanese.

This MEXT scholarship for 2024 is open for those international students who want to study an undergraduate or graduate (master/Ph.D.) program in one of the universities of Japan and this will cover all kinds of educational expenses of the recipients including but not limited to tuition, accommodation, and airfare.

Applications for the MEXT Japanese scholarship used to be due by mid-May in previous years. It is not necessary for applicants to be proficient in Japanese or to provide evidence of their English language ability through the TOEFL or IELTS in order to be considered for the MEXT scholarships.

Potential applicants have to submit their applications through the Japanese embassy in their home country. It will evaluate and shortlist all of the applications.

Which Courses are being offered by MEXT Scholarships?
The fields of study and topic areas are unrestricted. All courses, including those in medicine, engineering, business, the arts, and humanities, are covered by this scholarship.

Duration of the MEXT Scholarships 2024:
The MEXT scholarship is available for the whole length of the initiative. In Japan, bachelor’s degree programs typically need four or five years to finish. The duration of master’s degrees is two to three years, whereas doctoral programs require three to four years to finish.

MEXT Scholarships 2024 Benefits and Coverage:
The Japanese MEXT scholarships benefits are as follows:

– a preparation allowance in addition to a monthly stipend.
– waiver or refund of the entry fee, examination cost, and tuition.
– Upon arrival in Japan, a reimbursement for an economy class ticket from the recipient’s home country will also be made.
– living at the residence halls of the institution.

Eligibility Criteria for MEXT Scholarships:
In order to apply for the Japanese MEXT Scholarship, applicants should make sure that they fulfill the eligibility criteria outlined below:

– The candidate should be fluent in the English Language.
– Applicants must be nationals of a country other than Japan and a country that has strong diplomatic relations with Japan.
– Undergraduate students must be at least 17 and at most 25 years old at the time of application. They should also have completed their 12 years of school and should have a high school diploma.
– Master’s and Ph.D. applicants must have completed their 16 and 18 years of education respectively and must be below 35 years of age. Prospective graduates can apply as well.
– The applicants for a teacher training course must be below 35 years of age, should have completed a teacher’s training program in the past, and must possess a teaching experience of at least five years. The teaching experience can be of a primary or secondary school teacher.
– Students applying for studying the Japanese language should age between 18 to 30 years and should be enrolled in a bachelor’s program which has a major in either the Japanese language or Japanese culture. The bachelor’s program should be pursued from a country outside of Japan at the time of applying.

MEXT Scholarships Online Application Process:
1.Locate the Japanese Embassy or Japanese Consulate in your home country and its website.

2. Visit their website and search for MEXT scholarships under their ‘Education’ tab.

3. Download the MEXT scholarship form, read it carefully, and fill it out.

5. Submit the documents that the application form specifies.

6. Give the scholarship interview which will also be conducted by the Embassy.

7. Wait for the results which will be announced via the scholarship website and email.

Documents Required to apply for the MEXT Japanese Scholarships:
The following list contains the documentation needed to apply for the MEXT scholarship:

– The MEXT scholarship application form for Japan is provided at the conclusion of this text below.

– Applicants for bachelor’s programs must have completed their high school education; those applying for master’s programs must have attached their bachelor’s degree; and those applying for doctoral programs must have their master’s degree. These documents must all be in English or be translated into the language.

– The degrees must be attested by the higher educational body of the applicant’s home country.

– The transcripts of the highest degree/diploma must also be attached in their attested form. They should also get translated into English if they are not already in English.

– The candidate should include two recommendation letters from employers, advisers, or professors. The applicant’s work ethic, research potential, and/or academic achievement will be confirmed by the recommendation letters.

– Scanned copy of the passport (only if the applicant has a valid passport at the time of applying).

– For students applying to research-based programs, a CV or resume is required.

– Images.

a certificate of language competency from the applicant’s prior institution. They will have to take the language exam created by the MEXT if they are unable to get one.

– A statement of purpose detailing the applicant’s history in research and the reason they are enrolled in a specific course.

– Thesis or research publication of the candidates, if any, along with any proposed research.

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