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Mr Logic and MzGee goes into heat argument live on united showbiz

Mr Logic Vs Mzgee


The Saturday, August 12, 2023, edition of the award-winning United Showbiz show, which airs on UTV, got very heated a few minutes before the program ended.

The host of the show, MzGee, and one of the panelists, Mr. Logic, engaged in a heated argument after the former suggested that the former’s analysis of one of the topics on board was boring.


While the controversial pundit was making a point about why there is a need for artists to invest in their craft more, MzGee, interjected and asked him to wrap up his submission because the other guests on the show and some of their viewers at home were yawning because he had been beating about the bush a lot.

The remark MzGee made really infuriated Mr. Logic and in reaction he flared up and bl@sted her for disrespecting him on the show.

The recently elected President of the Songwriters Association of Ghana described MzGee as very unprofessional for making such an utterance and added that it was high time she learned on the top to know the proper way of handling astute panelists like himself.

Mr. Logic further said that he was not going to speak on the show and directed MzGee not to come back to him for his opinion on any matter.

In response to all this, MzGee, also insisted that she had done nothing wrong and implored Mr. Logic to do better with his submissions because he is also boring and beating about the bush when he is asked to speak on a particular issue on united showbiz.


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