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Nam1 plans to sign socialite Efia Odo despite struggles with other signed artists

Nam1 plans to sign socialite Efia Odo despite struggles with other signed artists.

The CEO of Zylofon Music and former owner of the now-defunct Menz Gold, Nana Appiah Mensah, has confidently expressed his keen interest in signing the popular Ghanaian socialite, Efia Odo, as a music talent. In a recent tweet, he effusively praised her composure and views on a TV show and even drew a comparison between her and the legendary Oprah Winfrey, implying that she would be an excellent fit for a corporate brand ambassadorial role.

Efia Odo responded to the tweet, asking if Nana Appiah Mensah was coming to sign her as a music talent. To which he replied, “With a given opportunity why not?! Sounds smart, you are clearly a good Ghanaian arts material…”

This news has come as a surprise to many in the Ghanaian music industry, considering the fact that Nana Appiah Mensah has not been able to produce a major musical breakthrough for any of the artists he has signed in the past. Currently, he has signed talented artists such as Obibini, Tiisha, and Akiyana, who were doing great until they signed with his label.

A pundit who spoke to the writer criticized Nam1’s management of artists, suggesting that he may not have a clear vision for them. The pundit claimed that Nam1 is wasting the artists’ time and talent by primarily focusing on producing visually appealing videos while neglecting proper promotion and marketing.

Several industry experts have criticized Nam1 for his inability to provide sufficient support to his signed artists, hindering their potential for success. Despite his significant financial resources, Nam1 has been unable to help his artists achieve major breakthroughs.

Moreover, rumors have been circulating about Nana Appiah Mensah investing in other artists, such as Black Avenues’ Sefa, without providing the necessary investments for his own signed artists.

Recently, some people have said that Nam1 signs female artists mainly for sex, not to help their music careers. There is no proof for these rumors, but they have made people wonder why he intends to sign Efia Odo.

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