No Breast Implant , No Lipo, But I’m Naturally Beautiful – Delay Throws Shades


There is a fresh round of beef instigated by Delay that could soon dominate social media.

Deloris Frimpong Manso-Delay and celebrities who have had liposuction to improve their bodies are about to get into a fight

The practice of body augmentation has been popular over time, particularly among wealthy women worldwide, and Ghanaian women are not exception.

Many of the women in Ghana’s public places have been charged with getting plastic surgery to get their new looks.

While several have vehemently refuted the claim, some have bravely admitted getting surgery for private reasons.

There is a Tall List of these courageous women who have come forward to admit that they had operations on their bodies to give them their curves and captivating beauty. As she is known to us, Delay has been a vocal opponent of physical augmentation.

The radio host once chastised her colleagues in the entertainment sector who starve themselves to save money for liposuction.

Because it contradicts God’s logic, Delay characterized the entire liposuction procedure as pointless and nonsensical.

She chastised them for pressuring young women unnecessarily and making them date sugar daddies so they could look like them.

It is well known that the radio and TV host was making fun of female celebs who have fake bortos and other bodily traits, like Mcbrown, Joselyn Dumas, Sandra Ankobiah, Kisa Gbekle, and others, even if she avoided naming any specific individuals.

Delay has once again gently thrown subliminal shade at McBrown, Hajia 4 Real, Kisa Gbekle, Shuga Titi, and a plethora of celebrities that have undergone liposuction, just when we thought this jab was all left with her to “sting.”

On her Delay Show, Delay boasted that she is naturally gorgeous even without a breast implant or liposuction in one of her customary opening boasts.

Watch the video below;


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