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“PROPHET” KOFI ODURO’S EFFUSIONS – Fred Kyei Mensah writes


Renounced music producer Fred Kyei Mensah has express his displeasure on how Prophet Kofi Oduro throw shots on other person’s when their share their idea on certain issues.

According to Uncle Fred, Prophet Oduro makes it seems he is always right and his judgement is the best.


Read his post from his Facebook timeline below:


Take your time and read.

Hasten slowly in your approach to issues in this part of the world ? for, if you proclaim to be the smartest and a warrior, you might not even partake in a struggle.

I respect protocol, i observe protocol, i respect leadership and don’t attack men of God. I have a lot of great men of God, who monitor me on social media so, i am careful when expressing my feelings on an issue which bothers them.

The gospel of condemnation from Prophet Kofi Oduro, is becoming nauseating, stinking and repugnant! You make people feel that, you were inside the cross exactly where the nails were pinned on Jesus making others sinners, fake and rebellious of the gospel! ‘To wo bo na’, no one is perfect. You have attacked Rev Owusu Bempah, Archbishop Salifu Amoako and others and now descending on Daughters ebei!

Suffice to say that what my sisters, Daughters of Glorious Jesus whom i have known and played with for the past 34 years contributions about their love for other musicians of other genres which are not gospel on the United Showbiz on Utv were not suitable to you, your colleague pastor, Abraham Lamptey, had also said, he loved Samimi’s songs on the same program and you speak ill and insult their intelligence? Such a despicable language coming from you “Prophet”?

You pick on people and try to paint them black and when you are served with same, you try to absolve yourself from them. Don’t ever think that, every message you preach in your church is the gospel. At least, Jesus never worn lady’s pants during his ministry on earth, to demonstrate to his disciples about marriage relationship.

The self aggrandizement and righteousness of your Don Quixotic approach to the bible as if you are the primus inter pares among men of God, is fallacious!

Numbers 6 vrs 5. The bible, admonishes us not to shave however, you always have a clean shave. You tend to have weird opinions about everything. The last time, you intentionally attacked Charter House over VGMA issues, trying to instigate the public against them and undermining their business as saying, people should boycott their award scheme. If you were served with the same recipe as to telling people not to patronize your “noise” making church, how will you feel? Stop that and respect other views. You’re so myopic and insensitive towards the creative arts industry that, at the least opportunity, you pick on people and vilify them. Suban wei nso firi he?

You have insulted every facet of the society including the President, Politicians, Chiefs, Tribes, Creative Arts Industry, you name it.

Meanwhile you have instrumentalists and musicians in your church. If you enjoy certain gospel songs which some of the players also play for your reference to others genres of music as circular musicians then, shame unto you!

You can have dissenting views without recourse to total condemnation and insults of other views. Change your style and respect others “Man of God”. We all have hemoglobin laden saliva in our buccal cavity however, we tend to spit the whitish foam. No malice intended.

Good beads don’t rattle.

Post from Fred Kyei Mensah on Facebook


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