Revealed: Tracey Boakye’s husband is a mere makeup artist in Germany – Odii Torna snitches on Afia


Nana Tonardo alias Odii Torna is back again and this time to expose the backbiting lifestyle of Afia Schwar, revealing how she’s been whispering about Tracey Boakye’s spouse, claiming he’s only a cosmetics artist in Germany.

As we speak, y’all know Nana Tonardo and Afia Schwarzenegger have some unfinished business and have been throwing each other stray bullets on the gram at every chance, and today he chose to expose her as a lousy friend who gossips.

According to Nana Tonardo, Afia Schwarzenegger has been whispering about Tracey Boakye’s husband to others, telling them he’s merely a makeup artist in Germany, demonstrating that she doesn’t respect or appreciate her friend’s spouse in any manner.

Telling people her friend’s husband is a makeup artist goes a long way toward demonstrating that she does not regard it as a job in any way, even though it is not a crime to be a makeup artist and it is a legitimate job that pays him more than reasonable wages, and she is not the one getting married to him.


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