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Blogger – Kofi Annan

Kofi Annan, a blogger from Western region has taken to social media to share his take on the just ended Sekondi-Takoradi event.

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Review On Sekondi – Takoradi Invasion Event.

Let’s thank Dr. Lawson and everyone else who contributed significantly to this occasion. from the security, presenters, coordinators, presenters, and promoters.

The location had extremely strict security. Congratulations to the Ghana Police, the armed forces, immigration, prison services, ambulance services, and any personal security that worked till 7am to ensure that attendees at the location were saved and protected.

The best sounds and illumination came from the Sekondi-Takoradi invasion. There were no complaints from patrons regarding the sounds or illumination. The delay in sound check was the issue. I’m happy for you folks.

Let’s get to the major argument for why there were more people outside the gate than inside.

Few people above 25 years old, based on what I observed outside, were between the ages of 15 and 20. I wasn’t shocked to see this because the main musician, Shatta Wale, is a well-known figure among young people.

They were successful in airing advertisements on more than 20 radio stations in Takoradi, but they neglected to take care of the grounds work.

The street posters and those that are up lack sufficient information. Only the avenue, date, and time are visible on the poster. On the posters, there is not a single contact information for purchasing advance tickets.

  • The street activation personnel they recruited didn’t work hard enough. bus stops with nothing but music and dancing. They did not have any sold-out tickets on hand. You might not be able to trust them. Here, QR codes are quite significant. But unexpectedly, when I went to scan the QR code on the ticket I had, it was invalid, and nothing came up.
  • Shatta Wale charged 20 Cedis for his own show in Accra; how can we expect these young folks, whom I saw yesterday at the entrance, to afford 50 Cedis? The CEO Dr. Lawson is Otha for his beverage activation. to market or promote his line of herbal bitters under the name De Ray Lawson.

Since Shatta Wale is adored by the Ghetto Youth or the boys from the street, I believe they should have sold advance tickets on the street for 20 Cedis. A JHS or SHS student or a guy from the streets can easily afford the 20 Cedis.

They ignored the campus of the university and disregarded that Medikal command numbers there. It might have been a good idea if there had been prior ticket sales.

In order to sell or mark your product to them as a new or brand-new entry in the system, you need numbers. You must lower the pace at which individuals purchase your ticket to your event if you want to do this.

That’s my opinion. Let’s have a healthy conversation under this post.


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