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Samini fought for Azonto and got blacklisted from Naija business cartel


Renounced media personnel, Kelly Nii Lartey Mensa has detailed how Nigerians want to control the music scene in Ghana during Azonto music moments.

Narrating from a post chanced upon by DjQwequ of wadupgh, he explained that, the Nigerian music industry had plans to have total control on Ghana’s Azonto by using P square doing a song dubbed “Alingo” in 2014.


According to SAMINI is the only Ghanaian artiste bold enough to stand and fight by foiled P square’s Azonto heist. This didn’t go well with them thus sidelining SAMINI on most of their entertainment platforms and other internet platforms control by them. This lead to low visibility of Azonto and SAMINI content on the internet platforms.

Read his post below

“In 2014, Naija wanted to hijack Ghana’s azonto by using P-Square to do a song called alingo. Azonto was the top music vibe from Africa to the whole world. Social media was in its prime and the azonto energy filled YouTube space all over the internet.

Samini, one of the top African acts spoke out. He called out P Square and foiled their azonto heist.

My opinion is that this single act of bravery got Samini to be cancelled by the Naija business cartel which had so much influence and control of BET Africa, Spotify, YouTube, MTV Base, Apple Music, and even some franchises for big-time brands.

The second thing was to micromanage Ghana’s algorithms for Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, etc, so that both terms “Samini, and azonto” will vanish in content recommendations in Ghana and any other place they have control, which is Anglo W/Africa. Since 2014, YouTube stopped recommending azonto and Samini videos in West Africa.

You can check on your YouTube yourself when was the last time you had such a recommendation like that from Ghana.

Dr Kelly, are you saying some people have the front-end power to filter what shows on YouTube, Facebook, Spotify, Apple Music, and other platforms? YES. Exactly. They decide what you see when you open your YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, etc… And they are not Ghanaians so what makes you think they will show your content to you??

That’s my suspicion! After reading this, go and search Samini on YouTube and salute him, he’s a hero to Ghana music!! ????????


Source: DjQwequ/wadupgh


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