stolen iphone was tracked straight into an Ashaiman police station but not found

There was a daylight robbery reported around Tema Community 25, where lots of shops were victims to the said robbery that saw many individuals lose very valuable items.

Talking to an anonymous victim mentioned how he had to track his iPhone device that led the police to a person selling hemp, despite not finding the assailants, the device was further tracked to another police station in Ashaiman after the case was reported at community 25 police station.

It was also said that the community 25 police were very slow to react to the case. The case was later reported to Ashaiman police station were men were deployed by the Ashaiman police station to investigate the matter.  Daylight robbery is becoming a new phenomenon in recent times, where various reports have indicated that the police have been involved in various gun battles with such criminals.

As we speak, the iPhone is still being tracked in other to get to the assailants because few moments after it was tracked to the police station, it left there surprising after a team followed up to the location.  The case is still being heavily investigated, further details would be made available when ready.

The Two motorcycles are the robbers who were passing by the road in front of my house captured by CCTV in a victim ‘s house

“The Ashiaman Police were fine, the problem is the community 25 police

Many victims went to the 25 police station but they didn’t mind them”  said the victim

See scenes from the police investigation below.

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