The Power Woman at Dangote Group


Men and women are undoubtedly different. Contrary to the prevailing notions of forced equality in the West regarding the roles and powers of men and women, Africans recognize that each sex has its own strengths. Even so, a few women are so capable that they can straddle power and retain their identities as women. Adenike Fajemirokun is a woman like that, and her work at Dangote Group marks her as one of the most powerful individuals in the country.

Fajemirokun is certainly a different flavour compared to her peers in the corporate industry. The majority of them take pride in being their own bosses, easily forgetting that if every worker believed such a notion, nobody would serve another. But Fajemirokun is the proud subordinate of Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote, one that is irreplaceable based on merit.


Fajemirokun is the Group Executive Director, Special Duties, and Chief Risk Officer of the Dangote Group. Since she came into this position, she has proven herself to be a true asset to Dangote Group, helping to move things along, diversifying the company’s investment portfolio, and helping it to make the right decisions that promote returns and reduce risk.

A civil engineer by training, Fajemirokun has had more than 18 years to prove herself in the financial sector, especially in the implementation of strategic risk management models. So effective is she in this field and so potent her presence in past places of employment that she has a self-designed risk framework that disrupted the normal operations of shopping malls in the UK in the past, gaining her initial recognition in the financial sector.

At Dangote Group, Fajemirokun has and continues to show herself to be an asset the likes of which the multinational has never seen. In fact, she has become one of the core pillars of the conglomerate, supporting Dangote’s accomplishments with steady and reliable risk management and decision-making strategies.


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