Top Scholarships in Norway for International Students in 2023-24

Scholarships in Norway


Norway, a country known for its captivating landscapes, thriving cultural scene, and top-notch education system, has become an increasingly attractive destination for international students seeking a world-class education. However, the cost of studying and living in Norway can be daunting for many prospective students. To make higher education more accessible and to attract talented minds from around the world, Norway offers a diverse array of scholarships tailored explicitly for international students. These scholarships in Norway alleviate financial burdens and serve as a gateway for passionate learners to unlock their academic potential and make the most out of the rich cultural tapestry of this Scandinavian nation. If quality of life is your priority, studying in Norway is an excellent choice.

Norwegian universities and colleges actively support international students through their scholarship programs. These institutions offer merit-based scholarships, recognizing exceptional academic achievements and granting partial or full tuition fee waivers. Furthermore, research grants are available for those embarking on master’s or doctoral programs, promoting innovative research and fostering international academic collaborations, and offering students a chance to study free in Norway.


Moreover, Norway’s involvement in the European Union’s Erasmus Mundus program further emphasizes its commitment to global academic mobility. International students can experience a diverse academic environment through this program while studying in Norway for a designated period. The cultural exchange and intellectual growth from this experience enrich students’ academic journeys and expand their global perspectives.

For students from the United States, the Fulbright program presents a unique opportunity to study, teach, or conduct research in Norway. Supported by the Norwegian and US governments, Fulbright scholarships promote mutual understanding and cross-cultural exchange between the two nations. In addition, several non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and private foundations in Norway actively contribute to the cause of international education by offering scholarships in Norway. These scholarships often focus on fields such as sustainable development, human rights, or gender studies, aligning with Norway’s dedication to addressing global challenges and societal issues.

To increase their chances of securing a scholarship, prospective international students should begin their research early, meticulously review scholarship requirements, and ensure they meet the eligibility criteria. Also, maintaining a solid academic record and obtaining compelling recommendation letters are essential steps in the application process. A well-written personal statement showcasing passion, motivation, and alignment with Norway’s educational and research goals will further enhance one’s application.

This article will delve into the different types of scholarships in Norway for international students in Norway, a list of Universities with no IELTS requirement, and much more. These scholarships serve as a pathway, providing them with opportunities to explore their full academic capabilities and achieve their educational goals. So, make sure you read till the end!

How Can International Students Get Fully Funded Scholarships in Norway?

Fully funded scholarships in Norway is your ticket to study in a European country for free. However, getting started might seem daunting. For graduating high school students, exploring scholarships provided by Norwegian colleges, funding opportunities from their home country, and awards granted by the Norway government is beneficial.

For bachelor’s students seeking to pursue graduate studies in Norway, it is essential to research scholarship options offered by Norwegian graduate schools and explore any connections that their home institutions may have with universities in Norway. Furthermore, it is crucial to look into various national and international organizations that offer financial support to international students, aligning with their academic aspirations. By exploring these avenues, international students can increase their chances of obtaining a full scholarship to study in Norway for free.

List of Top Scholarships in Norway for International Students

Students have the option to pursue higher education at either public or private universities in Norway. Most public universities are tuition-free, just like Germany, international students may have to pay for the registration charges and student union charges etc. However, private universities may cost between €7000 to €19000. Moreover, scholarships in Norway for international students will also provide other benefits to help them focus on their studies instead of worrying about the financial burden that comes up with studying abroad. Norway provides several prominent scholarships for international students, some of which are:

  • BI Presidential Scholarship
  • ERASMUS+ Scholarship
  • Mobility Grant for Norwegian Language and Literature
  • A. Wilhelmsen Foundation Scholarship
  • NTNU Scholarship
  • The $2000 “Privacy Matter” College Scholarship
  • CLIFF-GRAD Scholarship (PhD)





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