UAE (Dubai) Scholarships 2023: Study for free in U.A.E.

UAE (Dubai) Scholarships 2023: Study for free in U.A.E: In order to have the opportunity to study for free at any of the top-ranked Dubai Universities, international students can now apply for the fully-funded Dubai Scholarships 2023–2024.

The most advanced educational facilities in the world, including United Arab Emirates University, Zayed University, Khalifa University, American University of Sharjah, and University of Sharjah, are located in the United Arab Emirates, the most developed nation in the Arab world.

At comparatively lower costs, these colleges offer top-notch education. Several institutions in the United Arab Emirates have affiliations with the most esteemed universities in the United States, Canada, and Australia.

Working on a Student Visa in UAE:
Part-time employment was once prohibited for students in the UAE. Only internships and on-campus employment were permitted for them. For those students who want to work part-time, the UAE government has been able to provide them a work visa since 2017.

Cost of Living for a Student in UAE:
In the United Arab Emirates, the average cost of living is around 5,000 AED for an individual. This indicates that living expenses are rather expensive. Given that Dubai is the most expensive emirate, this cost may increase there, whilst Ajman, which is the least costly emirate, may see a modest decrease.

English Language Proficiency:
The classes in the educational institutions in UAE are taught in English so ex-pats (who didn’t get their last degree in English) are required to prove their English language proficiency through standardized tests like IELTS and TOEFL.

Fully-funded Scholarships in (DUBAI) UAE:
It may still be costly to study in the UAE, particularly for foreign nationals. Therefore, we have compiled a list of scholarships that you may apply for to partially or completely defray your educational costs.

1. Masdar Institute of Science and Technology Scholarship:
Full scholarships are available for the MSc and PhD programs at Masdar Institute of Science and Technology. Science, engineering, and information technology are the fields in which these are given. The scholarship pays for all of the students’ educational costs. A full tuition waiver, a laptop, textbooks, reimbursement for test fees (such as the GRE and TOEFL), on-campus housing, health insurance, a monthly stipend, and, if appropriate, a return trip home are among the advantages.

2. Emirates Aviation University Scholarships:
The scholarships at the Emirates Aviation University are open for undergraduate students who are emirates nationals. The scholarship covers the awardee’s tuition fee in full and is awarded to 10 students every year. The scholarship is pretty competitive and is awarded to those who have a previous standing of 95% or more and who show high potential in contributing towards the community and the university.

3. Curtin University Dubai Scholarships:
Scholarships for undergraduate study are available from Curtin University Dubai to both indigenous and foreign students. The scholarship recipients’ half tuition costs are paid for. More tuition fee exemptions will be awarded to students with greater high school status. The disciplines of IT, science, engineering, and mathematics are all eligible for the award.

4. University of Dubai International Scholarships:
International applicants are eligible for undergraduate scholarships from the University of Dubai in any subject area. Students can use the scholarship fund to help pay for a portion of their educational costs. Students who enroll in one of the university’s undergraduate programs are eligible to apply for this scholarship.

5. Middlesex University Dubai Grant for International Students:
Middlesex University Dubai’s scholarships for international students provide grants to international undergraduate students. Students who have applied to an undergraduate program at the university can apply for this scholarship.

The value of the award is a 20% waiver of tuition fee along with a study package for international students which is supposed to cover their accommodation, visa, and medical insurance expenses.

6. Zayed University Merit Scholarships for International Students:
The International Merit Scholarship for Undergraduate Students at the Zayed University is offering scholarships to undergraduate international students. The value of the scholarship is a tuition fee waiver of up to 50%. The scholarship is given for the entirety of the degree program on the condition that the awardee maintains a certain level of academic achievement at Zayed University.

7. Jumeira University Scholarships:
The Jumeira University Mujtamaee Scholarship is available to UAE nationals studying in the country. Only citizens or permanent residents of the United Arab Emirates are eligible for the scholarship, which is awarded on the basis of merit. A complete one-year tuition waiver is the scholarship’s worth, and it is given to students who have earned at least a 75% in their high school diploma. Only undergraduate students are eligible for the grant.

8. Canadian University of Dubai International Awards:
The Canadian University of Dubai offers scholarships to domestic and international students to retain high potential students at the university. The scholarship is pretty competitive, that is, it requires a 98% or more score in the previous degree of the applicant to achieve a 100% tuition fee waiver. In order to continue getting the scholarship in the subsequent years, the candidate needs to maintain a CGPA of 3.9 or more.

If a student has a previous academic average score of 95%, he or she will get a 50% tuition fee waiver. They have to maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.85 or more to keep getting the scholarship.

9. United Arab Emirates University Scholarships:
Doctorate applicants are eligible for the United Arab Emirates University’s graduate research scholarship. The students’ whole cost of attendance is covered by the scholarship. The benefits comprise a one-time tuition price remission, a stipend of 10,000 AED per month, a housing allowance of 1,500 AED per month, and health insurance for the recipient (family not included). In addition, the recipient receives all the assistance required to complete their study with success.

In order to be eligible for an ongoing grant, Ph.D. applicants at UAE University must maintain a cumulative cumulative GPA of at least 3.5 during each semester of their program, in addition to having a minimum CGPA of 3.5 in their master’s degree.

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