Video: 11 year old girl escape death in the hands of unknown murderers


11 year old girl escape death in the hands of unknown murderers.

A pupil of Akrofrem primary school at Afari/ Akrofrem electoral in the Atwima Nwabiagya municipality in Ashanti Region on the 29th day of July, 2022 was lured into an unknown place after on her way after she closed from school

In the evening, closed to 6pm, a lady by name Mary was passing by an uncompleted building closed to the Methodist Church in the area and heard a voice screaming for help. She terifiedly went followed the sound and to her utmost dismay, she saw a small familiar girl who’s hands are tied up to her leg with a white cloth and same tied her face in her school uniform.

She was sleeping on a red cloth spread on the bare floor and behind her was another white cloth. A dagger has been pierced inside a plantain tree. Everything showed that they prepared to finish her in the evening.

Mary screamed for help and within a minute, many citizens around came to her rescue.

Nkawie police command is investigating the matter.

Source: )D3ND3 for more..0548793777

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