VIDEO: Lady Who Betrayed Her Boyfriend To Marry An American Burger Goes Mad During Wedding


Indeed wonders shall never end and sonfar as men still lives on the surface of the earth, there will be mystery to talk about each day.

Maybe you don’t believe in spirituality but that dies not define the fact that nothing spiritual exits.

As a matter of fact, the video I am about to show you will put you into a state of awe as a bride goes mad during her wedding ceremony.

Yes, you read it right, a video at my disposal depicts a fine dressed bride, scattering everything at her wedding putting her love ones and parents into a state of confusion.

I kept asking myself that what may have happened to her? I believe you are also asking yourself the same question.

Well, as we all beseech a common answer, let’s dive to seek it.

In the video, the bride who looks so beautiful and waiting for her groom to put the wedding ring on her finger, out of no where started scattering everything including flowers and decors at the ceremony.

Some patrons and wedding attendees who tried to cool her down received punches and scratches at their faces and have to back off.

The groom, after seeing what was going on took to his heels with his best men and was chased by the mad bride.

Rumours has it that the bride had betrayed his former boyfriend and the boyfriend sought a juju intervention to destroy her marriage.

I literally do not conform to the information above though, I am convinced that it may be a half truth.

The current economy hardship will make people do whatever it means to take revenge if you betray or deceived them after they’ve invested so much in you, especially when it’s a matter of love and relationship.

Without much I do, see the video of the bride who went mad during her beautiful white wedding below:



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