WAEC cautions individuals who create platforms for BECE malpractices to thrive


The Central regional branch controller for WAEC, Mrs. Lilian Frimpong has appealed to individuals who create platforms for BECE candidates to cheat in the exams to desist from such acts.

This she said is necessary as it is one of the ways WAEC can consistently succeed in organizing a Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) free of malpractices.

According to her, the West African Examination Council (WAEC) continues to face challenges such as organized cheating, smuggling of foreign materials and mobile phones to the exam hall, and leaking of examination questions on various social media platforms.

She notes that such acts destroy the credibility of the exams to the global world.

It goes out to the whole world and we are trying to tell the world that this is what we do in our exams and the credibility of our exams is always being under attack,” She said.

Speaking to ATL FM NEWS in an exclusive interview she also said such acts have led to an increase in the cancellation of the results of students who are found guilty of such practices.

Mrs. Lilian Frimpong, therefore, urged all and sundry to help the students learn to understand and be able to write the exams without cheating.

Opinion leaders and teachers together with parents please let us teach our students the subjects. Let us give them an understanding of the subject they are learning. Let them go out there and write so that you see the system we are using,” she continued.

WAEC result upgrade scam is said to be one of the biggest threats to the education system of West Africa.

Ghana and other countries like Nigeria that have their candidates sitting for BECE and WASSCE are usually faced with this challenge.

It is mostly believed that students who fail such exams are those who seek this service.

In the 2022 BECE, WAEC cancelled the entire results of 73 school candidates and 7 private candidates for bringing mobile phones into the examination hall.

Also, WAEC cancelled the subject results of 416 school candidates and 3 private candidates for the offense of bringing foreign materials into the examination hall.


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