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We Spent GHC 975,000 to Promote Camidoh’s ” Sugarcane ” Hit Song ” : Manager Reveals

George Britton, manager of budding afrobeat singer Camidoh has revealed how much money was invested in making the popular ” Sugarcane ” single a global hit.

In the previous few weeks, Camidoh had emphasized how much money his team would need to invest in order to release “Sugarcane” to the public.

His manager, George Britton, has since provided an exact figure, despite the fact that he initially declined to disclose how much money they spent on promotions.
In a lengthy Facebook post, George Britton claimed that they spent at least GHC 975,000 on one song in a single year (Sugarcane).


Taking to Facebook, Camidoh’s manager wrote:

The music industry has evolved into one of the most costly but also most lucrative creative endeavors of our day. From creation to consuming cost a fortune. Let me use Camidoh’s Sugarcane original and remix as a case study. JWillz and Rex, two incredible Ghanaian directors, shot and edited two music videos, Sugarcane and Sugarcane Remix, respectively. Promotions were run on both radio and TV in Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Sierra Leone, the UK, and the US.

Online ad sponsors, social media influencers, and content creators in Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, the UK, the US, Tanzania, etc. were equally engaged. Nightclubs and bars in Africa as well as the UK played a significant role. Camidoh attained global success as one of Africa’s most streamed artists after spending just over Ghc975,000 in a year, on one song.

This feat was achieved by the amazing team behind Camidoh, i.e., Grind Don’t Stop, GB Recz, and Crux Global, not forgetting some amazing support from the media, family, and friends. To constantly achieve this success and more, the music industry will need a much stronger enabler, i.e., the presence of major record labels, heavy financial support from the government, and angel investors in the music industry to help propel the artists to a global stage.

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