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Wei ye oteng stands with Mr Logic over heat argument with MzGee live on TV

Wei Ye Oteng supports Mr Logic


Renounced music producer, Wei Ye Oteng has showers his support to Mr Logic over statement made by United Showbiz host, MzGee whiles he is making his submission.

MzGee during Mr Logic’s submission chipped in and told him to end his submission because he is making the show boring with his comments causing viewers to sleep.


This is seen as unprofessional by others for her to make such comments whiles others support MzGee because Mr Logic wasn’t making any necessary point with his submission.

The CEO for drum lyne music family Wei Ye Oteng has thrown his support for Mr Logic stating that, MzGee might be finding it difficult to understand his submission because of his twi. He also made a point by saying maybe Mr Logic wasn’t making any sense with his submission hence provoking the host to say such statement.

Read his post below

“As a pundit, before you are spoken to the way miss G did then you are not and has not been making sense and the host is pissed off for messing the show.
Unless miss G didn’t get the Twi right which is obvious she’s now good at.
Better still there is always a phrase most host use by saying ( Yɛnbre no’nti fawano si’ɛ) under no circumstances should a person who educate other on a show be treated this way, never. Sorry illogical Logic u were not treated right and fair.

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