WhatsApp to let users ‘keep’ disappearing messages


Meta-owned WhatsApp, which is a go-to messaging app for thousands of users, is rolling out a new feature that would allow users to keep messages from disappearing, WaBetaInfo reported.

According to the app-tracking website, the new feature on WhatsApp called “keep message” is available for some beta testers.

Through this feature, users will be able to prevent certain messages from disappearing. This would be useful in case a person sends an important message and doesn’t want to lose it.

Earlier, many users could not keep messages from disappearing because the keep action was missing. However, in the latest update for iOS, some beta testers are able to use this feature.

— WaBetaInfo
— WaBetaInfo

Users can now stop a message from disappearing and others can do it to your messages as well. “If someone wants to make a disappearing message disappear again, they need to choose the ‘unkeep’ action, and the message will vanish,” said WaBetaInfo.

“As people are still in control over their disappearing messages, it won’t be possible to keep a message from disappearing in case it has already been unkept,” it added.

This feature gives users a sense of control over communication by allowing them to access and review the message within the kept messages section.


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