Your juju is powerless – Axim galamsey gang leader kwame Asare, destroys talisman of man in military uniform


Kwame Ato Asare Ani, the young man who has been making headlines for the past few days is still not done with people who claim to have more power over him as new videos keep popping up on the internet.

He was recently seen in a video molesting a police officer who is alleged to be working with his gang. The officer is seen in his uniform begging Kwame Asare and his gang for mercy but they would not listen. The police admiration has since declared him wanted but he claims to be working with top security officers in the Axim Municipality of the Western Region.
He has since been granting interviews from his hideout but it appears people have more videos and pictures against him. A recent video making rounds on the internet captures Kwame Ato Asare and his gang molesting a man in military uniform.

The gang is heard in the video calling the man Kwesi Acquah “This is the so-called commander, he is called Kwesi Acquah and has nothing. He has come from Accra to conquer us here but that will not happen”, some members of the gang could be heard saying.

They removed the shirt of the said commander and saw a talisman which they described as powerless.
“Look at his talisman, it belongs to children. It has no power, cut it off from his waist”, after the command, one of his gang members uses a machete to bring down the talisman from the commander.
The helpless commander could be heard pleading with the gang to allow them to settle the matter amicably but they would not listen.

It is unknown what caused the misunderstanding between them but it appears the commander and his gang had arrived from the capital to take over some illegal mining sites from Kwame Asare Ani and his gang which they opposed.

“This is our territory. If we get to the site and realize you have caused any trouble there, you’ll see what will happen. You think you are strong so they have deployed you to come and conquer us”, they indicated. cannot confirm if the said commander is in the military. He was only seen in the video wearing a military uniform.



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