Kuami Eugene’s girlfriend accused me of sleeping with him, threatened me with evidence – House help

Kuami Eugene’s former house help, Mary, appears to be on a ranting spree following their split, and this is evident in the number of interviews she has granted so far.

Mary, after granting two separate viral interviews, has shared some details in the recent one, that touches on reasons why she was sacked from the highlife singer’s house.

Parts of her latest interview with Der Mad King, captures claims that Kuami Eugene’s girlfriend played a role in her exit from the house.

According to her, Kuami Eugene’s girlfriend accused her of sleeping with him.

Mary said the lady claimed that she has got video evidence on her phone to that effect.

“Kuami Eugene’s girlfriend said she’s got evidence that I have been sleeping with him. She said she has video evidence, her friends were also saying same,” she told the interviewer.

It can be recalled that Eugene, in an interview with Delay, disclosed that it was his girlfriend that provided the house help, with the sole intention of catering to all his domestic needs.

The ‘Monica’ hitmaker said they have since had an extremely close relationship, to an extent that Mary and his mother have got good rapport.

Delay’s suspicions, predictions about Kuami Eugene and house help’s relationship

During the Delay Show, sometime in August 2022, she was highly suspicious of a possible love affair between Kuami Eugene and his house help.

Delay established that she has watched many love tales and can attest that the ‘Rock Star’ and his house help are showing those signs.

She also stated that the chemistry between Kuami Eugene and Mary may bloom into something much more than a boss and employer relationship in the near future.

“Anyone who knows me very well knows that I am a sucker for love so seeing Kuami Eugene and his house help in the video. Even if it hasn’t happened, we have a third eye and we can tell it will happen. In case you find out in future that Kuami Eugene and his house help are getting married, be reminded that Delay mentioned it,” she stated.

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